What are the main security problems and solutions for a mobile app development company for enterprise mobile apps?

Mobile apps are impending to initiative, and not just as publicizing tools. As commercial starts considering for file allotment, association, efficiency, monetary or BI apps, there are more central safekeeping concerns that needs to be addressed. End point safety is the foundation of all concerns as enterprise applications mobilizes over period. Appropriate end point security moderates concerns around mislaid devices, malwares, uncaring workers, etc.

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Key security concerns for enterprise mobile apps

  1. Apple has made some moves to improve their end point security and enterprise management position, which aids clarify their accomplishment in the enterprise with iPhones and iPads. There is still an elongated way to go however, and there are some great illustration videos on YouTube of how 6 minutes with a missing or filched iPhone in hand can lead to access to all passwords stowed in the device key chain.
  2. Microsoft’s focus with Windows Phone is completely on the consumer, and this is obvious with the platform initiation and not even associates all of the ActiveSync scheme policy conformations out of the box. Over time, Microsoft will get back to having righteous backup for the enterprise, but their devotion isn’t there right now. Exploits have previously been made handy to root Windows Phone 7 devices and no reaction or mitigation is yet delivered from Microsoft.
  3. Google has not completed enough with Android to have a comparable story to RIM and they likely will not be given the tradeoffs amongst user experience and security. Android is a consumer mobile platform.
  4. There are several solutions available with the mobile app development companies to mitigate risk due to highly portable, highly related devices. Security dealers are facing up with the “End Point Security” clarifications. This is a good thing.
  5. It is important to understand how mobility affects more than just confidentiality. And it is critical that the mobile app development company, the app developer, operator and data security design deliberations be factored into any innovative mobile technology. A start up building the “Minimum Viable Product” mobile application should ponder the safety of the application and perfect information system using tried and true methods.
  6. Security should be designed into the application, with the following major considerations:
  • Accessibility and perseverance in mobile computing: Are you building an app that allows a first responder to quickly ascertain a life threatening situation and do the proper procedure to save life?
  • Privacy and data sensitivity in mobile computing: How delicate is the data you are stowing, treating and conveying in your mobile information system?
  • Veracity and faith in mobile computing: If you put data into the mobile devices, how far can you hope that device to yield suitably processed data? Does battery power matter to mobile processors?

The solution to these problems is to state as clearly as possible about the potential risks to data, users, and the information system, detect the prevailing controls that lessen risk, and develop supplementary controls for the gaps you realize as you perform a risk assessment. Implementations of any additional controls or improvements must be validated throughout the development, and observing the effectiveness after a product promotion must provide clear indication of control efficiency.

Whether it is enterprise apps or consumer apps, mobile applications today face a lot of security issues. The mainstream of mobile applications- whether in the android, iOS or Windows Phone ecosystem- will not have elementary business adequate security protocols in place. Part of the issues with mobile app security is that employees download apps that access enterprise resources or accomplish business tasks, but the security of the apps is not satisfactory to safeguard against spasms or meet the security requirement set out by company policy.


ASP.Net Application Development: As a LAMP developer, how can one cope on being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server?

If you are a developer, you might be asked to do some of the significant work for a company on their web application. You can try to get ASP and MySQL skills up and develop using that. Or you can even try to get PHP and MySQL up and running on a Microsoft server. You don’t have to bother much about learning ASP. You must consider that rewriting their whole system in PHP would take a lot longer and be a lot harder than just learning ASP.

ASP.Net Application Development

Working on a Microsoft- IIS/6.0 server

  1. MSSQL is actually a fairly decent SQL server. It has some odd quirks and the management tools are universally point-and-drool GUIs. So if you are accustomed to being able to drop, do a command prompt to take care of some particularly gnarly problem, you will be disappointed.
  2. ASP (and not ASP.Net, the old stuff) is terrible. It makes PHP code written by 10 years olds look positively glowing in comparison. MySQL is excellent at data migration from MSSQL. They have a wizard that uses the JDBC libs and has quite a bit of smarts to migrate both structure and data off of MSSQL onto MySQL.
  3. You actually need to learn enough ASP to fix the required bugs with the understanding that if any significant new features started trickling down the pipe, it would be more cost-effective to do a partial rewrite of that segment.
  4. If you are going to transition to PHP, you are recommended to first convert the ASP app to use MySQL. This is actually pretty easy, just make a new ODBC connection, change the DFSN and see what breaks because queries use incompatible SQL. Then you can be free to re-implement things in PHP whenever you want because getting at the data is easy.
  5. Installing PHP in windows is easy. ASP is super simple to learn, but it is a dying language. Don’t spend a lot of time learning it if you can avoid it. Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that if they have a legit MS SQL license, they may have paid $ 10,000 for it. Sometimes people get a little touchy of you tell them to abandon an investment of that size.
  6. Many new features have emerged for ASP.Net Application Development compared to earlier versions of Visual studio. ASP.NET Identity, a new ASP.Net membership system works the same in all ASP.NET framewoks and woks with web hosting software other than IIS.
  7. Here is one thing in favor of starting from scratch. As an ASP newbie, you are limited in your ability to judge the quality of the existing codebase. As someone who has minimal experience with IIS, it was fairly straightforward to install PHP and MySQL by simply following their respective documentation.
  8. As a LAMP developer, to cope with being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server, you can become a MISP developer and short for M$, IIS, SQL and PHP.

Learning ASP is probably not the right way forward. If you can get them to accept running a mish-mash of ASP and PHP, you can get them to install PHP on their server. If not, you need to learn ASP.NET, which would be the easiest thing from the point of view of working with their existing code at least.

Apart from innumerable benefits of Node.js development service, what are its shortcomings?

Node is actually a neat platform, and it has an attractive ecosystem. It has got one of the only package managers that actually work. It also drives on the acceptance of the JavaScript language, which provides it somewhat of a buildup status. However, there are limited points where it falls petite, even within the function that it was intended for.

Node.js development

Shortcomings of Node.js

  1. Bad concurrency primitives

The programming language is entirely built on top of the ground of asynchronous I/O. Being a single-threaded platform intensive on I/O bound applications on highest of a language that does not pledge transparency and has no support for co-routines, this is an explicable select. It is much superior than heavy weighted threads with shared states, but it is a poor model of concurrency to expose to the platform.

  1. It is Single – Threaded

Being single threaded, it means that one does not need to care about the problems of synchronizing between threads, or shared mutable state. However, it also means that unlike preemptive concurrency, the programmers themselves have to resolve how to pact with concurrency, with the avoidance being no concurrency at all.

  1. js lack maturity

Most of the core libraries are trustable, and you can trust them to usually do the right thing for Node.js development. But the ecosystem itself is still fairly mature. It is also difficult to access the quality of a precise module because of the deficiency of features for guaranteeing the eminence of code from JavaScript itself. The waynpm is so structured that it makes quite difficult to find trustable packages, and the ease of publishing your own package, together with the Unix-philosophy that goes through part of the community, make it tougher to spot packages that are reliable and verified.

  1. It is reliance on stringly-typed programming

There is a flourishing of “strings are easy” in the open, which hints to many bugs due to futile dependence on strings, rather than fitting data structures.

  1. It is hard for Node.js to make things fault-tolerant

They don’t give all of the tools that are necessary to make systems reliable and fault-tolerant, as OTP/Erlang does. There are no mechanisms to handle or recover from errors that are thrown asynchronously.

  1. js deficiency of intrinsic code organization is a giant disadvantage. It gets especially worsened when the development team as a whole isn’t accustomed with asynchronous programming or standard design outlines. There are just too many ways for code to get disruptive and unsustainable.
  2. js development service is wonderful, and has excellent chance of becoming the gold standard. But as concerned with the disadvantage, the Node API has a habit of changing in backwards-incompatible methods from release to release, and recurrent alterations to your codebase are obligatory to keep things running on the up-to-date version.
  3. Node’s biggest problem at the moment is the amount of duplication of effort taking place when it comes to the network of packages & the expanse of effort paid the best package to use for any agreed task that stems from this.

It really depends on what you’re trying to do with your web app. If you are doing a lot of I/O bound tasks then Node.js is just fine. However, if you find yourself doing a lot of CPU bound tasks than you are enhanced off using Java or whatever JVM language you desire because doing CPU bound tasks in Node.js will wedge the event loop.

How To Find The Best Mobile App Development Company For Mobile App Development?

Hiring mobile app development companies or developers is not less than winning a battle nowadays. Every business recognizes the allegation of mobile apps and the encounters that are spring up over the last numerous years. Having a mobile app for any commercial is a golden viewpoint to tap into a new profit streams.

mobile app development company

Hiring the best mobile app development company

  1. Look for a development company who is interested in your business, not just the development: A good mobile app development company should not just guide you through the progression of development, but also assist you inventive input based on their proficiency with parallel apps. The good ones know what works and what doesn’t on the app store because they have worked with many clients and are the experienced hands.
  2. The mobile app development company should be proficient and skilled. It should have gathered experience in developing variety of mobile app for different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Window. The work and contact details of company should exist on its website along with the name of clients for which the company has worked. It should possess trained staff and technically sound staff for Mobile App development. It should offer modern services at reasonable prices.
  3. To adopt a mobile app development company, you need to consider a few points first. You should consider: the diversity of applications they have already made, the developers should be modernized with skill and technology, good communication is also an important factor and Follow-up is vital too. Look for a developer who is passionate about your company business, not just the development.
  4. Apart from development, a mobile app development company or developer or supposed to be interested in your business working and requirement too. This would make him understand your requirement more clearly. Don’t consider budget over quality. High quality is the key to grow your target audience.
  5. Make design a top urgency: How a website or an app looks is as dynamic as how it works. Go a phase ahead and look at associates who can enhance value to the usability trait of your website or mobile app, which will label how users interconnect with your product.
  6. A company with knack in balancing their ‘Business Strategy- design- Technology’ while developing Apps can only confidently uphold the flawless blend of ‘Quality and Affordability’.
  7. To develop mobile apps field, familiarity is a must. Prevailing mobile apps from different verticals can’t be dying criteria to select a company. A lot of features resolve the worth of a company and also your necessities have a lot to do with it. At utmost, what you can do is, find out the mobile app development company with the help of protuberant research agencies.

Before you lease any of the mobile app development companies, you should check and imitates a couple of things like client list, app portfolio, familiarity of working on a project similar to yours, technical skill of resources, turnaround time, etc. You may also want to check if they have any former experience developing inventiveness grade applications, if that is your requirement. Find someone who is as fervent about mobile apps as you are about your business but of course, it is not as simple. There are a number of things you need to pay attention to before selecting your vendor.

Is there any benefit of using Microsoft Azure over Amazon Web Services?

It actually depends on the situation and work requirement that promotes the use of Azure over AWS. Both of them are equally likable for different reasons. Though they are both are cloud providers, they represent two different philosophies. This is evident right from the instance types and console design to the kind of products they both offer.

Azure Application Development Services

It would actually depend on the scenario and workload, a right sizing of the capabilities you want to implement would be useful as well. Azure integrates very well and seamless with the enterprise infrastructure since most of them run Microsoft in the foundation layers: Identity, Messaging, Database and Development. Azure Application Development Services has provided a number of essential features and work environment for powerful boost.

When it is recommended to use Azure?
  1. If you are an enterprise which is just adopting the cloud and you can’t afford to move your entire infrastructure to cloud and if you prefer a hybrid model then you must go with Azure.
  2. If you are primarily a windows shop and more than 70% of your databases are Microsoft SQL Server, then features like backing up a database to a URL directly using old TSQL commands will feel magical to you.
  3. If you are a one man company who just wants to build that website quickly and you don’t want to deal with the overhead of managing infra then you are advisable to use Azure PaaS services.
  4. If you are concerned about Oracle and SAP being ‘Certified’ on a platform, then Azure is a good way.
  5. You can build a Blinkbox kind of service with relatively less effort by using Azure.

When it is recommended to use AWS?

  1. If you need a better control at the network level on our private cloud, you must look for AWS service. Amazon’s VPC beats Azure’s Vnet hands down at the moment.
  2. If you are longing for a top notch IaaS Service which is solid and things like a random server reboot do not fall under “it-may-happen” scenario then you must go with AWS server which is snappier than comparable Azure servers.
  3. If your company depends heavily on automation then you must use AWS. Poweshell automation that Azure provides is as powerful as it can be get but AWS has a lot more options.
  4. If you are search for more flexibility in choosing an instance type, AWS is for you.

It always depends on the company’s requirement. Right now in cloud providers major players are AWS and Azure, so do select you choice in a more specific way. For any queries related to Azure development, get in touch with our service panel support at Laitkor.com.

Is Windows Azure a decent decision for facilitating a gathering with enormous movement?

Window azure is a cloud computing platform which is created by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing services and applications. Windows Azure Application Development Services runs on the global network under Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partners group. One must go through Windows Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud platform and know all the service that Window Azure provides. One must also learn the different approaches to Cloud programming.

Windows Azure Application Development Services

 These points must be considered to get an answer to the question:

1. Window Azure do not support Sessions out of the box. As concerned for hosting a forum type software, we know that forum software of any type needs Session. But still, it may work fine with azure.

2. One can easily add Session state provider to use the App fabric cache or Azure table storage. The App Fabric cache may perform better, but it is still in a CTP release.

3. It’s not difficult to host a site on azure. Visual studio has a good support to deploy a site to azure and a well structured Custom azure application development. Once the user get habited to deal with the site, he may switch to think about storages, worker and role.

4. Bob Muglia, the president , server and tools at Microsoft sum up the combined benefits of Window Azure and stated –

“NCBI BLAST on Windows Azure shows how the platform provides the genuine Platform-as-a-Service capabilities that technical computing applications need in order to extract insights from massive data and help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges across science, business and government.”

5. The NCBI BLAST on window Azure software is available free of cost from Microsoft and the Window resources are available too.

6. As concerned with the price, the minimum pricing with azure + Azure SQL is $88/ month for the web role and for 1GB database, the cost may be $10/month. The price level seems quite expensive as compared to the normal shared hosting which may cost just $20/ month.

7. If you are too curious for the platform, you may go straight with the Azure and deploy the Forum site on it.

But if you are more concerned with the prices, then shared hosting could serve a better option.

We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you with any type of queries related to Window azure and hosting a Forum type sites for 500 users per day. For any assistance related with Azure hosting or Microsoft Azure Application Development Services, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.

What amount does it expense to make an iOS or Android application?

You can know the points of interest by scanning the postings on jobboards that may help you have a harsh understanding what you can get for your financial plan. There are various android app development companies and client created registries of 2500+ portable engineers, with a greater part concentrating on iPhone plan/advancement.

android app development companies

Here is the list of costing

  1. For developing an app
  • Simple app – $2,000 – $15,500: You need to provide all the contents, clear direction and example apps of what you want it to do. The additional costs are when you want more features like Social media integration, GPS or bells and whistles like that.
  • Database App(native)- $5,000 and above: As it is stated above, dynamic data drive apps are expensive compared to simple apps. All you have to do is to provide an idea and your projects will be assigned with managers, Architects, business analysts, QA and other design team members.
  • Games- $5,000 and above: It is very hard to estimate and it’s all based on complexity of your game requirement. Since games are downloaded in much greater number, it clearly returns more ROI.
  1. The costs of iPad apps are currently slightly higher as they require even more finishing work on the UI. iPhone is the easiest platform to develop for to start with. Developing good looking Android apps is considerably more difficult than iPhone apps. With normal coding standards there is very little synergy between Android and iPhone development and few developers that can develop for both in a proficient manner.
  2. According to level of Mobile App:

1st – Basic level of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $1k-$4k)

2nd –Moderated Complex Level of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $5k-$10k)

3rd –Complex Type of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $10k-$50k)

Android app development companies have provided a number of essential features within estimated costs. For any queries related to iOS or Android apps development, feel free to contact Laitkor.