Where should one host Ruby on Rails app?

If you are looking for the best of both worlds i.e. ease of deployment like on Heroku and effectively scalability / price competitiveness as with AWS, you may refer Ninefold for this. Ruby on Rails Development Services are agile and provides a number of platform where one can host an app easily.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Hosting Ruby on Rails app

  1. DigitalOcean is exactly what you need. It usually starts with a cost of $ 5 per month. It is really affordable, comes with great documentation and has full control over the instance compared to heroku. It is a developer leaning cloud VPS provider at regular shared hosting charges.
  2. A2 Hosting is just another hosting service. It is a cutting edge provider with Ruby on Rails on their Shared hosting and VPS plans.
  3. Site 5 is a shared and cloud VPS provider who has 20 datacenters round the sphere and Ruby on Rails on their shared hosting and VPS plans.
  4. Liquidweb is a premium priced / premium service provider with Ruby on Rails support on their VPS and Dedicated plans.
  5. HostGator is a huge shared hosting provider with Ruby on Rails support on all their shared plans.
  6. Heroku and EC2 are both upright selections. Heroku is very virtuous at extracting many specifics on setting up your server. However, this comes at the cost of a complex monthly fee for paid facilities, limited plugins, limited plugin versions, and no static storage. You may develop your app requiring a certain version of a plugin, and Heroku may not support it.
  7. EC2 is a nice option, but you will have to set things up yourself. But, this is just purchasing time on a server using your own VM, so it is like taking a remote computer to SSH into and control. It must also be noticed that Heroku itself is built on top EC2. So, if you are just beginning with rails apps, Heroku is best for you. If you are a bit more advanced, you can consider and compare both EC2 and Heroku, and select that most satisfies you.
  8. Heroku is excellent for your needs and is one of the easiest hosting platforms you can ever work with. Sure, it’s a little work to get used to the read-only file system, but there are impractical amounts of resources on how to do that, many of them in the form of nicely pre-packaged gems.

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You have so many places to host your Ruby on Rails apps. EC2, Digital Ocean and Heroku are best recommended for use. You can also go with other services like Site 5, Liquidweb, HostGator and many more. It would actually depend on what services you want to use. If you are a fresher, you must go with Heroku. If you have knowledge, go accordingly that suite your best to your skill. Hosting an app is not a difficult task, but to host in accordance is a task of choice and is an indication of healthy development skills.


Which Macbook is better for Ruby on Rails Development Services?

There are number of Macbook available for Ruby on Rails Development Services. Macbook Pro is good; otherwise it would depend on your budget. If money is no problem, get the latest Macbook Pro, this is what the latest these days.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Macbook for Ruby on Rails Development Services

  1. By far the most important characteristic is RAM (below 8 GB is out of the question). Since they all come with a cool SSD HD second would probably be CPU. You can attach it to an external screen so you don’t have to get a huge screen and OS is not an issue since you can upgrade to the latest easily.
  2. Get the new Macbook Pro 15”. It has plenty of RAM that allows you to expand your dev environment with virtual machines.
  3. You can use Macbook Air 2014, HP 23-inch IPS LED Display, External Apple Keyboard and external mouse. And your work station is ready for the ROR development and any other stack as well.
  4. Any reasonable modern computer can run the Rails stack just fine. You could pick whichever the inexpensive or the one with the leading screen- screen space is always at a first-class. Biggest screen (Retina display if possible, the texts looks good), 4 to 8 GB RAM. Maybe a SSD and whichever macbooks fits will work great. Actually Rails will work great with most Mac Books.
  5. Though Macbooks makes a great laptop for web development, it really is not necessary. But still, if you would like to purchase, a preliminary model of a macbook pro would be more than enough for Ruby on Rails development as you barely use RAM eating software in Rails development. Memory will be necessary to be able to run multiple processes directly in memory.
  6. If price range is not an issue, you can go with Macbook Retina. Modern laptops. 2010 and up, will be ok to most Rails tasks. Retina will make an actual step up, with the flash disk and the incredible display. Try one at your neighboring mac shop or maybe with a friend. It is really a delight to write code on any editor of your and the disk speediness will be a huge difference in a lot of tasks, both dev and non-dev.For intensive tasks you need the i7 processor which in some cases you will encounter quite often.

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Window is undoubtedly not a fit platform to develop Ruby on Rails applications. It lacks too many features, so, even moving to an entry level Macbook is always better than a PC. If money is not at all an issue, get a Macbook Pro Retina with i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM because Retina doesn’t tire your eyes. You will notice the difference between any other standard screen and a retina one, after a while using a retina display you will notice that you won’t be as eager as before to attach an external monitor unless is a retina monitor.

Is the demand for Ruby on Rails Development Services showing decline?

The demand for Ruby on rails development services is still very strong. It isn’t so much about Ruby not being in demand but about the number of people who have learnt Ruby. A number of people with stout back end or web application skills have found that somewhere they lack mobile development skills, which is where the key demand is, although most mobile projects require key skills in both front and back end. So essentially look to develop your mobile app talents, which you will use in combination with your Ruby skills.

Ruby on rails development services

Demand for ROR services

  1. Ruby on Rails is still one of the most lucrative good paying Platforms out there and there are still plenty of jobs available on oDesk and Elance.
  2. There is a variation in demand with the variation in areas. Different areas have different markets. You may not find difficulty in getting rails jobs, but it does seem like the trend is moving towards mobile apps and single pages apps. The latter means the various JavaScript frameworks are gaining popularity, for example, Node and Angular. There is often a strong JavaScript component even in jobs advertised as Rails.
  3. Why should that matter about demand? If you cave into your clients suggestions about know-how, you might as well let them code it themselves. They employ you to convey value. The mainstream of that value is in creating technical decisions.
  4. If somebody asks you to build a product, but you can only use Django or Node or whatever is hot at the minute, it’s your profession to instruct them and take the burden off making such decisions. It is not hard to influence serviceable people they are better off thinking about the business and to leave the technology to you.
  5. Anyone who says the selection of technology used to build a product had a main impression on that product’s achievement / letdown is talking no right. For this reason, as an outworker, the demand for a given technology means squat to your lowest line if you emphasis on the value you carry.
  6. The demand is at an all-time high for “really good” developers, the ones that care about code and that writes elegant, sustainable, maintainable code, that understands big pictures and project management sufficient, that can execute devops errands and that are constantly self-teaching the whole new tech.

Many of the applications and software platforms are in low demand. No one wants a programmer that just complains; refuses to learn new stuff, messes up and do unmaintainable code. The variation in demand depends on certain factors including the place and features. There are plenty of jobs available for Ruby on Rails developers to continue and avail better pay for that. It all depends on how you are going to take the things, the cost, the criteria, the modification and code learning. Improvement in technology has provided the boon so as the developer can benefit a lot from RoR services.