What Are The Most Important Modules For Python?

Python treat the directories as containing packages. This is done to prevent directories with a common name, such as string, from unintentionally hiding valid modules that occur later on the module search path.


Here is the list of important modules for python:-

1.     General module:

  • Mechanize: It helps to browse emulation in Python and is very useful for scrapping websites that help you require a long in to access its contents.
  • Beautifulsoup: It makes it easy to parse HTML/XML data scrapped from web pages. Lxml is an alternative which should be blazing fast, but also harder to use than Beautifulsoup.
  • Oset: It is an ordered set which can be useful sometimes.
  • Defaultdict: It is a dictionary which helps to insert a default value into dict when it is a key which is not present in the defaultdict.
  • Argparse: It is a good way to handle argument parsing for command line programs.

2.     Modules for computer Administration:

  • Subprocess: It can interact with your system shell. Sh module can be a good alternative which wraps subprocess in a really easy-to-use way.
  • Pexpect: It performs similar to except function in shell programing and is very useful for doing “shell scripting” in python.
  • Shutil: It is a wrapper for standard os-module that helps copying files and breeze.

3.     Tools:

  • Ipdb: It provides better Stack traces and contains more information, when Ipdb is imported.
  • Ipython: It provides interactive shell and web-notebook format (as shells in MATLAB and Mathematics)
  • Pip: It is a python package manager.

4.     For Speed:

  • Numba: It is a JIT compiler for Numerical task in Python and having Numpy support.
  • PyPy: It is a JIT compiler for Python not fully compatible with all python codes.
  • Cython: It is a C-like python which is compiled into C code and is very fast.

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