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You must hire a PHP developer, one who will work entirely to build your website and augment it with all the preferred features. Any company can benefit of this service: from small startups to large enterprises and corporations. Having your own PHP developers is an advantage second to none: they will base their work on a deep understanding of your business and goals, making it modest and propelling it to success.

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Hiring dedicated PHP developer

  1. A dedicated PHP resource is someone that you hire on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis that has a set number of times to service you as a client. Mainstream of the time you can lease these dedicated resources from many enterprises across the world and Laitkor is the bright option when it comes to web development. Having a dedicated resource truly allows you to have a business scale up or down the resources you need rendering to your business requirement.
  2. You may avail some of the most renowned services that you may avail by hiring dedicated PHP developers who can work for your website. Here are few of them:
  • Custom PHP Development
  • Dynamic Website Development
  • Web Applications Based on PHP
  • PHP E-Commerce Development
  • Custom PHP Programming
  • Classified Portal With PHP Website
  • Maintenance & Support
  • PHP Based Social Media Apps
  • PHP Built Forum Development
  1. Dedicated PHP developers can offer you comprehensive web development solutions. Following are some of the common services presented by these dedicated PHP developers:
  • Clearly realizes and identifies the chucks of your business
  • Knobs queries, almost instantaneously
  • Work dedicatedly on all your projects according to your given time frame
  • Expertise in project and portal management
  • Customizes open source applications well
  • Integrates an easy style of coding
  • Dynamic development of website and database management
  • Work for dedicated and quantified hours
  • Comprehensively develops your website or application to make it smart and user friendly
  • Works under the apparition or concepts you have specified them
  • Remains in touch with you via email, Skype, social media sites and telephone
  • Provides you a detailed report of the weekly or monthly reports
  • An extension of your marketing or development team
  1. The expert PHP programmers can analyze every type of PHP web development requirement, such as corporate websites, and much more. The dedicated PHP developers have the inclination to use open source scripting language efficiently in deploying dynamic web pages. All the PHP developers follow every facet of W3C validation.
  2. The dedicated PHP developers have the tendency to design the website with a wide array of videos and graphics very attractively. PHP comes with awide range of extensions and libraries. The dedicated developer can integrate every latest extension with the project. The website must be coded with complete database support that has non-compatibility matters with popular OS including: Solaries, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and various web servers.

Hire dedicated PHP developers to have a high quality website with no glitch, no errors, a website which makes a great imprint at all times, easy to update and manage, with whole functionality and integrated solutions. Contact us to get in touch with responsible professionals who work really hard for every client and whose talent is shown with every solution created.

Source – https://www.laitkor.com/blog/dedicated-php-developers-can-develop-website-easily/


Awesome Tricks Most People Don’t Know About PHP

PHP involves a series of cool tricks to be practiced. Though the concepts are nothing new yet are easily missed by many. A deeply nested object could be converted to a deeply nested associative array by using it as a substitute on the behaviour of the JSON encode/decode functions.

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There are number of tricky trials available in PHP which could make not only the happenings of the event more easy but at the same time it helps in maintaining accuracy.

You can specifically check the accuracy and the fallacy of the project dealt in with. The best part in PHP is that it uses ‘==’ internally almost every time (see ‘in_array’ and ‘switch’ statements below). A trick worth knowing!

1.    $foo = 0
 2.    switch ($foo) {
 3.     case ‘infinity’ :
 4.       eco  ‘lol php’ ;
 5.       break ;
 6.     Default:
 7.       eco ‘php’ is great ;
 8.    }

Guess the output

A number of websites are available for documenting these kind of tricks, only thing you need to do is to google anything like “lol php”. Meanwhile, ‘tricks’, will not be going to benefit you in any ways present in any language. But for it will only annoy people reading or working around you and put them to sufferings.

Apart from these negative elements, long time ago there where some tricks which were actually bind to be good, by some developers having crazy hardware constraints but it was way long ago. Minimize for code readability and in the case of PHP Development Services USA avoid subtle bugs like the ones above and everything related to it will be altogether right.

You should be careful while using ‘get_class()’, or you might end up with results beyond expectation. It has gone to be mostly kind and funny as at the time of need, it is well documented along with everything. Thus it becomes easy to ‘create function()’ and programming on it. These tricks might be unpleasant for the people working on same codebase.

Though you might be knowing a number of PHP tricks, it won’t make you a better developer, since in reality having the knowledge of such tricks would not help you in the improvement or quality of your software. Instead it could also be taken as an opportunity by using it for the decoration of $foo with default values and to replace missing array properties with null arrays. PHP introduces with various amazing string functions, like if you wanted to check the

Accuracy in spellings of common words:

Levenshtein – Manual

Find words sounding in the same way:

Soundex – Manual

Check if the text is similar:

Similar_text – Manual

Another cool part is that you can collapse your pieces of code without putting a break in it. You can individually validate Email Address before doing any effort work. It is featured by a built in function called checkdnsrr() which will specify an email address and check if it resolves as an IP address. This would be a cool act which save your much time, efforts, server resources and just making things very clear and precise, where you could actually able to see the domain and the coexistence of your email address. Rather you can also Switch Off Error Reporting.

When you move into production on your website, you must kill the error reporting. You need not to put all those warning and errors out from there for all mankind to see. Simply set error reporting(0); and rest of all in the world would be absolutely alright.

You should comment your code. If you are not doing so, no one is going to take you seriously as a developer until you act in the same way and must validate all inputs and outputs as this part should be mandatory.

For any queries and doubts regarding the above mentioned tips and tricks, feel free to get in touch with the ready to help support team at Laitkor.

Original source – https://www.laitkor.com/blog/some-must-try-cool-php-tricks/

Which one would you choose: Java developers or PHP Developers for web design?

Java is perhaps overkill for small web projects. You can ponder directing your time on Ruby and Python, to learn Rails and Django, maybe. PHP is always handy. Java-based websites appears that their time to delivery is always slow as compared to what they could have done using a scripting language. Another factor to consider is that if you want to pick up work looking after prevailing sites, you will need to be able to handle with PHP, because so many trivial shabby sites that need your care will be PHP-based and regularly monitored by PHP Developers.

PHP Developers

Java VS PHP for web design

  1. Java isn’t overkill if you are more familiar with it, but Ruby on Rails is trendy and it might be true about making sites quickly. You might want to get it a shot. PHP does come in handy every once in a while too. It is probably a good idea to keen on top of popular technology.
  2. Java and PHP are the two most-frequented languages. Your java experience won’t go to waste, for two main reasons:
  • Probabilities are it will benefit you write decent, healthy PHP. PHP is every so often looked down upon because it makes it truly easy to write unconditionally untenable code. But if you are coming more from a more organized environment and you apply your current greatest practices to your PHP development, you will be acceptable.
  • Having Java at the equipped will be treasured when you start taking on larger, more JSP/servlet- suitable projects down the road.
  1. If it is small scale, PHP developers will server your purpose very well. But is also right that it is good for you to take good code structure lessons from using big-boy OO languages like Java.
  2. Just from the hosting stand point, you will find a lot more places that offer PHP than most other languages, and knowing PHP is a good skill in case you get any work updating or maintain existing sites- a whole lot of the web runs on PHP. PHP is really easy to learn.
  3. PHP is dead simple. And almost fun to code in. Hosting with Java inclines to be a little more classy and elite, while everyone does PHP and protect Java for places that will host things from their very own servers. PHP is just calm to sit down and bang out a bunch of code in no time. Java and the others have a lot more overhead, and while that is fine if you are going to build something big.
  4. Smaller clients will want a lot for $ 1-3 k and won’t know enough about the tech to care. PHP will allow you to whip up whatever is needed, and will run on 99% of the shared webhosts out there. You can do your work in a framework that enforces some sort of MVC. Java is better for larger teams consisting of experienced developers working on larger projects.

You must keep working with what you know best. There is absolutely nothing mistaken with doing JSP/Servlet work, and in fact your effort might be more valued or valuable that way, since it is less common but very well-thought of. And never forget: 95% of the clients won’t care what languages you use or if you are a Java or a PHP developer; as long as you fulfill their requirement.