ASP.NET Development for Programmer Perceptive Dynamic Pages

ASP.Net is as secure as any programming platform. In fact, .Net is the preferred platform for enterprise solutions. Its future will remain secure as long as people evolve with the programming platform as it provides a great amount of maintainability and support. ASP.Net has its own structure, algorithm, architecture and OOPS concepts. People need to get expertise in the area and get fluent with it.

Last year in February 2015, Microsoft has announced a completely revamped version of ASP.Net. As it is an open source web framework, it makes it easier for developers to create latest modern web applications at more reduced cost. Therefore, there are three different platforms where a developer can now run ASP.Net applications i.e. Linux, Windows and Mac. The version 5 of the popular web framework also comes with several new features that will help programmers to build perceptive dynamic pages rapidly.

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Asp.Net Application Development

New Features to Effectuate Modern Web Application Development

Option to use 3 Runtime Engines

In the new framework programmers have options to choose from three distinct runtime engines, i.e. Core CLR, Full.Net CLR and Cross-Platform CLR. As a default run time engine, Full.Net CLR can be used; whereas Core CLS is designed as modular and cloud optimized runtime. On the other hand, Cross-platform CLR will enable them to create ASP.Net applications for Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Window.

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A Unified Core Framework

The latest version of web framework called MVC 6 is a unified core framework. To avail the features of web pages, MVC and Web API, they can use MVC 6. The unified framework allows them to handle requests using only one type of controller for ASP.Net pages, ASP.Net Web API applications and ASP.Net MVC. So there is no more requirement of writing codes separately for each technology.

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Tag Helpers

The new version allows programmers to create Views using Tag Helpers instead of conventional MVC helpers. The new option enables them to use HTML helpers in programmer views. Programmers views can be made to appear more natural and readable with the use of Tag Helpers.

Cloud Ready Configuration

The revamped framework further makes it easier for programmer to publish or deploy projects in the cloud without worrying about different configuration. It comes with a cloud ready configuration that simplifies the process of migrating or deploying projects in the cloud.

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Dynamic Compilation

Programmer have option to take advantage of the new features and functionality of Visual Studio 2015. The dynamic compilation feature of Visual Studio 2015 will streamline programmer development experience.  It will enable them to check the changes made by programmer to the code without recompiling the app.


Microsoft has launched the .Net foundation. As an independent organization, .Net foundation will act as a forum for both commercial developers and community. So programmer can take advantage of the forum to avail the code snippets uploaded by other developers, and answer programmer question. The assistance will make it easier for programmer to quickly write complex web applications in ASP.Net. The latest features include the use of three run time engines: Core CLR, Full.Net CLR and Cross-Platform CLR, Unified Core Framework, Tag Helpers, Cloud Ready Configuration and Dynamic Compilation.

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Should ASP.Net developers learn Ruby? Why?

There is never an end from learning new languages. You can continue learning multiple languages so as to develop more coding and programming skills in multiple fields. That desire to learn new languages, technologies, and paradigms is what bring users to Ruby and Rails. Learn it because it is different and interesting. Ruby on Rails application development services has variety of tools for building healthy coding and software development.

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Learning Ruby along with ASP.Net

  1. Ruby appears to be simpler and a quicker way to get things done. Once familiar with it and having command of a language like Ruby allows you to write quick scripts or utilities that otherwise might require a bit of ceremony in .Net.
  2. If you are considering to move to Rails, that is a dissimilar standard. The event driven nature of .Net is definitely in stark contrast to Rails’ interpretation of REST and its response / request model. Knowing both patterns would actually make you a better web developer.
  3. Also, there is something to be said for being a polyglot programmer. Knowing the tradeoffs of different stacks and languages would make you a more effective problem solver. Ruby on Rails Development Services offer multiple tool for working with different sets of situations. Multiple skills would surely add more knowledge and that can help you anytime in the future.
  4. The problem with single methodology is that, you get used to a single stack that is by far the least used in the web in general and you miss several important technologies in the present date.
  5. The biggest advantage on being in the Ruby Community is the difference in attitude towards new stuff, a stark contrast to being dependent on the mother ship. The goal is not just to learn a tool called Ruby on Rails, but to open yourself to a larger set of possibilities, including using Java and even more ‘exotic’ stuff such as Erlang. The Microsoft stack is just too limited and the attitude is to isolate you in this limited set when there is so much more to explore.
  6. In practice, everyday developer should always be learning “something”. The fact that you are even qualifying yourself as an “ASP.Net” developer means that you are missing something. Why not an ASP.Net developer is a Ruby developer? Are you incapable of writing other services or console apps? Are you not able to write web services or public- facing API endpoints?

So, it is definitely better to learn something different when you already have a good command over ASP.Net. In this case, Python / Django, Ruby / Rails, or JS / Node JS would be different enough for it to be a positive experience, regardless of whether you permanently switch to the one you have learned. It is really important to collect multiple skills rather than staying constant with just one skill. It is not just in the case of Ruby, but all you need to understand is you should be learning something.