ASP.NET Development for Programmer Perceptive Dynamic Pages

ASP.Net is as secure as any programming platform. In fact, .Net is the preferred platform for enterprise solutions. Its future will remain secure as long as people evolve with the programming platform as it provides a great amount of maintainability and support. ASP.Net has its own structure, algorithm, architecture and OOPS concepts. People need to get expertise in the area and get fluent with it.

Last year in February 2015, Microsoft has announced a completely revamped version of ASP.Net. As it is an open source web framework, it makes it easier for developers to create latest modern web applications at more reduced cost. Therefore, there are three different platforms where a developer can now run ASP.Net applications i.e. Linux, Windows and Mac. The version 5 of the popular web framework also comes with several new features that will help programmers to build perceptive dynamic pages rapidly.

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Asp.Net Application Development

New Features to Effectuate Modern Web Application Development

Option to use 3 Runtime Engines

In the new framework programmers have options to choose from three distinct runtime engines, i.e. Core CLR, Full.Net CLR and Cross-Platform CLR. As a default run time engine, Full.Net CLR can be used; whereas Core CLS is designed as modular and cloud optimized runtime. On the other hand, Cross-platform CLR will enable them to create ASP.Net applications for Mac OS X and Linux, in addition to Window.

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A Unified Core Framework

The latest version of web framework called MVC 6 is a unified core framework. To avail the features of web pages, MVC and Web API, they can use MVC 6. The unified framework allows them to handle requests using only one type of controller for ASP.Net pages, ASP.Net Web API applications and ASP.Net MVC. So there is no more requirement of writing codes separately for each technology.

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Tag Helpers

The new version allows programmers to create Views using Tag Helpers instead of conventional MVC helpers. The new option enables them to use HTML helpers in programmer views. Programmers views can be made to appear more natural and readable with the use of Tag Helpers.

Cloud Ready Configuration

The revamped framework further makes it easier for programmer to publish or deploy projects in the cloud without worrying about different configuration. It comes with a cloud ready configuration that simplifies the process of migrating or deploying projects in the cloud.

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Dynamic Compilation

Programmer have option to take advantage of the new features and functionality of Visual Studio 2015. The dynamic compilation feature of Visual Studio 2015 will streamline programmer development experience.  It will enable them to check the changes made by programmer to the code without recompiling the app.


Microsoft has launched the .Net foundation. As an independent organization, .Net foundation will act as a forum for both commercial developers and community. So programmer can take advantage of the forum to avail the code snippets uploaded by other developers, and answer programmer question. The assistance will make it easier for programmer to quickly write complex web applications in ASP.Net. The latest features include the use of three run time engines: Core CLR, Full.Net CLR and Cross-Platform CLR, Unified Core Framework, Tag Helpers, Cloud Ready Configuration and Dynamic Compilation.

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Which are the top companies to work as an ASP.Net web application developer?

There are a number of ASP.Net Application Development Companies which claims to rank amongst the top. But it is necessary to choose the company that suits your work the most rather than just keeping the brand name as “Top”. You must work with a company which helps you expand your potential and supplement you better ideas and skills towards work performance. There are many among them who just promise and there promises are never fulfilled.

ASP.Net web application developers

Top companies to work as an ASP.Net web Application Developer

  1. Though there are number of high profile companies that are more reputed, you must go with the one which provides you good work environment and an opportunity to grow. You must be judicious in choosing the company. It is better to take time in selection rather than selecting a wrong choice in a hurry.
  2. The company should provide the right environment required for the growth of the employee as a single unit and the company as the whole i.e. mutual success must be involved. The developer must observer the growth as an individual and as a professional towards the job.
  3. With instrumental expertise in handling the latest techs and tools of Microsoft ASP.Net platform, many companies has successfully build a grand reputable position in the industry. Laitkor Infosolutions offers quality service with economic and healthy development environment to assist customers in best possible way.
  4. Being one of the most prolific ASP.Net developers, the expert team can help the enterprises to create critical business applications leveraging transparent work methodologies and efficient project management processes.
  5. Hence, a trusted company pride in building an improvised user experience, complying with the business standards and requisites towards the clients. From defining, analyzing, deployment, development and testing, they offer almost all kind of deliverables. The developers must be dedicated towards their work as much as the client is dedicated towards the success of a particular work expected from the developer’s panel. The dedicated developers possess great knowledge of the technical area and hence they stand pride for being the pioneering app development service providers.
  6. It is more important to DO the WORK you LOVE, and LOVE the WORK you DO. There comes no comparison of Top firm and low firm once you enjoy the work and quality you are doing. Everyone knows their own strength and weakness. Improvise the qualities in which you have a good understanding. Adding to the existing technology, a developer should add another technology to build up skill in multiple fields. Keep your personality, attitude and skills and always be a developer of learning nature.

 Overall, it would depend on the kind of company you are actually looking for. Many well-known ASP.NET development companies are large enterprise and if you are looking for a small startup environment, you can get that too. Focus on the company which provides interesting technical challenges and a great culture fir. As concerned with the TOP ASP.Net Application Development Company, the definition is different for everyone.

How does one choose the best web design and Development Company in US?

Today, websites have become one of the prominent needs of the business professionals to showcase their services on a robust platform. In order to choose a reputed company, the first goal must be selection of a company which is capable of representing the related business needs in a professional manner on the online platform. But, it is imperative to devote a considerable amount of time in order to search for the company in the related domain.

web design and development

Choosing the best web design and development Company

1.    Consider the following suggestions would also help to choose a known service provider:
•    Total Years of experience the company has
•    Inquiring about the related services offered by the company
•    If necessary, interview the developers that are hired for the services
•    Ask about their previous projects.

2.    It is true that hiring a web development company from US is going to help you save a considerable amount of time and money. But, make sure you choose the company after analyzing properly the aforementioned suggestions. However, you can always avail the services from Laitkor Infosolutions.

3.    There are lots of companies who offer the service of web design and development. But it is quite clear to choose best one in the entire manner. Some of the features that are to be involved are: Mobile app development, web development, E-commerce, ERP Solutions and Digital marketing.

4.    The first step to work out is what you want your website and Internet marketing to achieve. You need to deliberate sensibly your ambition, your goals and how you are going to measure success. So, you must know your bottom line. Then, you should know your cost vs Value, and then identify a solid track record. You must communicate and learn all the process so as to be conscious what you want to achieve.

5.    Before choosing one, you must embrace the concept of clarity. There must be a proper association of design with advertisement. Design is not mere a visual presentation. Now-a-days, most of the people use their smart devices to access the web for all purposes. Therefore, you cannot expect to survive in the competitive market without having a responsive website design. If your website will work on all the screens irrespective of their sizes, then you can simply gain more customers.

6.    Choose one that can validate your requirements with smooth & inventive web designs. Advanced designers are talented in specific skill-sets such as user experience design, adaptive & responsive web design, database integration etc. using visual layout story boarding & cross-browser compatibility, etc.

There are many companies delivering web development solutions. However, you should go for one who not only just develop a website but also enhance value to the user experience. So you should go for the professional web developers who have in-depth familiarity and expertise in the latest technologies and they are well-versed with user Interface, methodologies, servers and much more. You can explore more information about the company and its skills by visiting the company’s website.

How does an ASP.NET development company enhance app performance?

Asp.Net development companies generally provide interesting technical challenges and a great culture fit. Be it a small company or a big enterprise, if you are satisfied with the work they are offering, it is best suited for you. It is not important to hunt for the top and expensive company when you can get one for easy cost at your doorstep. It is better to rely on the development company rather than depending on a freelancer. The responsibility and market reputation is what makes Asp.Net Development Company more punctual towards work performance over specified time.

Asp.Net Development Company

ASP.Net development companies to enhance app performance

  1. It is not just the company that matters, but it also matters what you are trying to build. Your  requirement is the    first step in assisting you to select any particular company. You will fit into the company as long as the company    sits to your project.
  2. App requirement is your choice. So, you have to disclose it to the developer / company team who is going to work for    you. Unless you are able to express your requisite properly, the company cannot do anything. It is a blend    responsibility of you and your hiring company to chalk out discussions and sort out all related queries so as to    build a healthy app. The performance of app depends on the developer’s ability and effort put together towards your    work. The development company must have dedicated developers with handful of knowledge and experience.
  3. ASP.Net is very handy in web development. Microsoft is continuously improvising it. May it be the build in controls    or be the performance optimizations, all the developer feedbacks are diligently answered in the release after    release. It is a great tool for rapid web application development with a great online documentation support and    forums for all the day to day problems you are struck with.
  4. Developers, Managers, investors believe in Microsoft platform of products and .Net is being the best. It is not going    to die anywhere so soon. With the advent of latest technology, there has been a great scope towards app development    that will surely enhance the app performance. These days are the day of competitive market where one app is developed    with better features than the residing app. So, it can be expected that an app performance is totally relying on the    app development which is increasing day-by-day.
  5. .Net has a number of extremely interesting new projects:
    • .Net core: This is an open-sourced and lightweight, rewritten version of the proprietary Microsoft CLR and this project is fully backed by Microsoft.
    • .Net Native: It is the first ever toolchain to compile JIT bytecode into a C++ compiler optimized native representation, while preserving all the things that make a jitted language cool like reflection.
    • OWIN: This is Ruby’s Rack or Python WSGI’s for .Net, a common middleware interface to standardize code contracts for Http Server and Http application interfacing.

Search any career site for development jobs and you will find tons of .Net jobs out there. ASP.Net will do fine with app performance and Microsoft seems to be on top. They have always taken unpolished, cutting edge stuff and released in a documented, easily accessible way a few years later. That’s the reason for their success.

What Is The Difference Between A Sharepoint Developer And A .Net Developer?

The major difference between them is SharePoint is a customizable application whereas .Net is a programming platform. The question of difference is like the difference between Toronto transit commuter and a world traveller. In short, one is narrowly defined while the other has a very broad scope. The .Net Application Development is the caretaker of .Net developer and security.

.Net Application Development

The difference:

  1. There are a number of developers for any particular apps or framework, but a best SharePoint Developer is a .Net Developer who understands the SharePoint functionality and can use out-of-the-box to avoid development for one-off tasks, what third party tools can be offered to reduce in-house development effort and speed up the delivery to users.
  2. Sharepoint is built on top of ASP.NET. So, sharepoint developer should have basic ADSP.NET knowledge and on top of that should be familiar with SharePoint Architecture, SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint Workflow, Developing custom webparts, customizing Sharepoints site and SharePoint Services Applications etc.
  3. SharePoint is just an application but ASP.Net is the language. SharePoint can be effectively complicated and is used by many large companies.
  4. .Net is a framework while SharePoint is an outline toolkit provided by Microsoft.

The difference between SharePoint developer and a .Net developer is discussed above. For any other related queries, get in touch with our expert panel member at helpdesk.