How to find free or cheap iOS design assistance?

For midcareer and technical professional who is learning to build an iOS app development process, it is very important to get hold of better hands for supplementing proper design assistance. Only the developers do not matter, but it also depends on the company who is monitoring the developer to provide app development or design assistance to the demanding clients.

iOS app development

Cheap iOS design assistance

  1. Many of the most interesting and worthwhile pieces of software have been developed for free and with no expectation of economic return, by established professional software developers. The basic difference there is that those developers with software development skills generally don’t have a hard time finding actual paying work. Designers are constantly being asked to do work for free. It is easy for developers to “give work away” because doing so hasn’t seriously impaired the market for paid work.
  2. Also, it is worth noting that many open source projects are those that developers themselves benefit from; they build stud and it makes them all better off. Designers, on the other hand, are generally asked to do free work that benefits a non-paying client and isn’t really helping anybody else.
  3. All of those prose comes down to this: The work you are asking a designer to do, for free, is not equivalent to the free work you associate with open-source software development, and you should proceed by offering fair payment for professional skills.
  4. It is really a struggle, as someone who develops apps for fun and isn’t an awesome designer is totally different from the one who do it seriously as a professional. There are two ways to handle this situation, you may follow one of them:
  • If you have the skill, you can do the design work yourself. It may not be as good as a professional designer can do, but if you can sit down with sketch and actually append time thinking through the design, you can actually improve it substantially from what you fused together when you were coding.
  • You may be have a bunch of friends or co-workers or an iOS app development company who is a great designer, and usually it is possible to find someone who will let you pay for a few hours of their time to get some advice and guidance.
  1. As someone who has built an iOS app development company and worked with clients can provide you more relevant design assistance than your fellow mates. Finding the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred dollars in building or learning the design of your app. The right partner can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you maximize revenues for your app business.
  2. For design assistance, you must choose someone who is interested in explaining you the smallest details focusing on the prime requirement prevailing in the current time. Apps have to go through many evolutions and cycles based on constant user feedback. Look for one who will stick with you through the lifecycle of product until you learn what you were wishing for.

Even the aspiring designers expect to be paid, even for projects that have no economic aim. Most of the interesting and worthwhile pieces of software have been developed for free and with no expectation of economic return, by established professional software developers.


How To Find The Best Mobile App Development Company For Mobile App Development?

Hiring mobile app development companies or developers is not less than winning a battle nowadays. Every business recognizes the allegation of mobile apps and the encounters that are spring up over the last numerous years. Having a mobile app for any commercial is a golden viewpoint to tap into a new profit streams.

mobile app development company

Hiring the best mobile app development company

  1. Look for a development company who is interested in your business, not just the development: A good mobile app development company should not just guide you through the progression of development, but also assist you inventive input based on their proficiency with parallel apps. The good ones know what works and what doesn’t on the app store because they have worked with many clients and are the experienced hands.
  2. The mobile app development company should be proficient and skilled. It should have gathered experience in developing variety of mobile app for different mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Window. The work and contact details of company should exist on its website along with the name of clients for which the company has worked. It should possess trained staff and technically sound staff for Mobile App development. It should offer modern services at reasonable prices.
  3. To adopt a mobile app development company, you need to consider a few points first. You should consider: the diversity of applications they have already made, the developers should be modernized with skill and technology, good communication is also an important factor and Follow-up is vital too. Look for a developer who is passionate about your company business, not just the development.
  4. Apart from development, a mobile app development company or developer or supposed to be interested in your business working and requirement too. This would make him understand your requirement more clearly. Don’t consider budget over quality. High quality is the key to grow your target audience.
  5. Make design a top urgency: How a website or an app looks is as dynamic as how it works. Go a phase ahead and look at associates who can enhance value to the usability trait of your website or mobile app, which will label how users interconnect with your product.
  6. A company with knack in balancing their ‘Business Strategy- design- Technology’ while developing Apps can only confidently uphold the flawless blend of ‘Quality and Affordability’.
  7. To develop mobile apps field, familiarity is a must. Prevailing mobile apps from different verticals can’t be dying criteria to select a company. A lot of features resolve the worth of a company and also your necessities have a lot to do with it. At utmost, what you can do is, find out the mobile app development company with the help of protuberant research agencies.

Before you lease any of the mobile app development companies, you should check and imitates a couple of things like client list, app portfolio, familiarity of working on a project similar to yours, technical skill of resources, turnaround time, etc. You may also want to check if they have any former experience developing inventiveness grade applications, if that is your requirement. Find someone who is as fervent about mobile apps as you are about your business but of course, it is not as simple. There are a number of things you need to pay attention to before selecting your vendor.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App?

With the advancement in technology over the years, mobile usage has shown an increase of more than 76% and therefore the app market is exploding with demands for app catering to almost everything that’s on web. Majority of US consumers download and rely on on typical 8.8 iOS and Android apps for all purposes. Introduction of Apple Pay has made payment easier and it provides service to to 90% US credit card users . All the app developers stick to their own characteristic features and the trend has spread to Blackberry, Android and all other mobile market like a wildfire. Apps are a real bliss as they support your business, games and other modifications of work that could be a savior to traffic and revenue.


Cost to develop an app

  1. There is a huge variation in the cost of app development. As two apps are not indefinitely same, therefore you can expect variation in their cost too. Some apps are easily available for free, they are called the basic free apps which do not require any consumer cost other than Internet charges to install.
  2. The app development process consists of sequential four sub-divisions: idea, layout and planning, design and going Live. The first step is creation of idea that involves what you really want from your app. If it is a simple information, game or interactive app, it must be developed more simply and efficiently. The more complicated you make your app; more will its cost be. For example, online games are complicated but spread over everywhere in a short time and generate good revenue if you include in-app purchases.
  3. The layout process involves knowing your app in a better way. It lets you understand the interaction of all parts of apps with each other and how it follows on various clicks. The amount of functionality that needs to be defined and build will also play a part in the cost of your app.
  4. App design is not at all same as creating website. A website involves designing and coding at once by a single developer or only a few developers, while an app involves a team of developers to complete. Definitely, it is going to cost more when it involves multiple people and multiple features that blends together working on a single project.
  5. After completing the app building in xcode, your developer can help you get the app in the store. For example, an iTunes connect account (approx. $99 / year) and following it to fill all information that is necessary for the app. Each downloads from the store would keep making you money.
  6. iPhone apps shows gradual variation in cost depending on the devices for which you are developing it. Before developing one, you must ask the app platform from your developer, if it is for basic iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPad or all the above.
  7. For iPhone apps, here is the cost variation for different projects:
  • Simple, table based app: $ 1000 – $ 4000
  • Database App (native) : $ 8000 – $ 50,000
  • Games : $ 10,000 – $ 250,000
  • In-app purchasing: $ 1000- $ 3000
  • Web services: $1000 – $ 5000
  • Game Center: $1000
  • Share Capabilities: $ 500 – $1500
  • SDKs and like Chartboost: $50 – $ 200

The iOS app development companies have to bear in mind that iPhone app design and development cost increases the overall cost of the app. Similar is the thing with almost all mobile app development companies which follows app development. With the increase in market competition the cost of app is expected to reduce so as to attract more consumers.

What Are The Best iOS Apps And Why?

iOS has developed a number of apps that are stable and widely used around the world. Each application has got its own significance and usage. Some apps are made for instant messaging while other may be for video streaming and downloading or other. Users can select any app as per their feature requirements. The iOS app development companies provide a number of app developers for assistance and security towards various applications.


Best IOS Applications

  1. Alpha SCWL: Alpha SCWL (where SCWL stands for Sub-conscious Way of Learning) is an application built on iOS platform. This is to enhance the power of a human’s memory to achieve desired results in life.
  2. Mango: It is a lifestyle app which usually connects people to the latest deals available on restaurants, retail merchants and shops located near to the residing place.
  3. Spyglass: It has an amazing navigational toolkit for the great outdoors. If you are outdoorsmen, this app is best for you. It’s top-notch for off-road and on-road navigation, hiking and travelling.
  4. eyeMe: This app was created by SDI, a team that goes to great length to build something that people can really use and enjoy. You can download eyeMe from the Apple store for your iPhone and iPads.
  5. Facebook: Facebook is primarily used for groups of people to share information- mostly chats, personal news and jokes. Members can choose to make their posts public or private. This is being used by a large number of people to connect from place to another. It is one of the largest social sites that bring people closer across the globe.
  6. Instagram: It is an online Photo & video sharing and social networking service that enable the user to click picture and share it publicly or privately on the app, as well as from other social networking platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumbler and Flickr.
  7. Gmail: It is a free web based email service that enables users to send message and media that can be stored to few Gigabytes and can be searched directly. The Gmail app automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.
  8. Youtube: It is a free video sharing website where you can watch online videos. You can even upload your own videos to share with others. There are always new videos being up-loaded, on average 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, so there is always something new to find.                                                                                            

The apps that are discussed above have their own significance and area of usage. iOS development tea has also built a large number of other apps that are being used, Due to competition in market, more and more apps are evolving at best possible rate to attract customers and most of them are free of cost.

Which Services Are Good At Building Outsourced iOS App Development Teams For Startups?

There has been a sudden rise in the number of companies offering mobile and web apps development services. However, Quality do matters, and it varies from one company to another through hands of developers and tools. You need to be more cautious in selecting a company partner, with experts of top notch developer. Too much of price sensitivity may affect the project. If the project is big or quite critical, always go with the company than a freelancer. This is because company keeps a guarantee and long-lasting service affirmation. The iOS app development companies provide better service, app, guarantee and round the clock assistance.


Building outsourced iOS app development teams

  1. You must perform a vast knowledge about the app development Company or companies that you have short listed for your project. Check the company’s portfolio, the variety of complexity of their apps, the overall design and many other important feature checkups.
  2. You are recommended to go with laitkor because we have built highly scalable, mobile and web software that have reached across a variety of industrial fields and software platforms. We helped many business and startups bring a new product vision to market scene, acceleration their existing development effort and prepare the team to bring agile practices home to strengthen their in-house development. Based in US, you can get all the services at a substantially affordable prices compared to any other company.
  3. Starting a company and developing your own product or service requires working quickly and effectively. Since, startups struggle with financial crush for initial years, it is suggested to outsource the development requirement.
  4. The programming language must be suitable, the system of platform (open / close) and many additional features must be taken into account. The company should make a regular contact with the developer to ease all the hindrance in the way. The developer team must be a panel of expert intellectuals who are always ready to take the challenging work and complete it on or before time.
  5. The team should consist of technology advanced developers, with a team of very innovative designers and superb coders with efficient knowledge of app development. You must reach the past clients to see the examples of the company developing style. Getting a trusted company would get you a partner who is equally interested in seeing your app success.

For startups, the main factor is the financial handling and acquiring a trusted company. The startups should get the hands of expert developers under whose assistance the specific task is performed. For larger project, you must opt for a development company instead of hunting for a freelancer.

What Are The Most Important First Steps In Marketing A New Ios App?

It is not the only motive of marketing an iOS application is to start promoting your application as it is launching. There are a number of pre-launch marketing activities you need to ensure you have done. There has never been an easier time to create an online business. But equally, there has never been a more difficult time to grow one. You must build as much hype as you can, you will need it. The iOS app development companies provide all necessary steps and features for ease in the steps in marketing a new one.

iOS app development companies

First step in marketing

  1. The most effective pre-launch campaign has been the application Mailbox. They absolutely nailed it by simplifying it into a list for ease of implementation. These activities are not unique to Mailbox, so you need to test its parts and see which convert best for you.
  2. You may get attach to your social handles. You must get an appropriate and a decent name for you application on Facebook and Twitter. Keep an open on new social sites to future proof you from changes in the social paradigm. People would soon use it useful to utilize that effectively for mobile app promotion.
  3. Then you can create a spreadsheet where you can attract the influencers in your area and connect with them. Keep regular posting content that are related to your product and build the reputation. It must be ensured that you are not directly using social to sell your product. You must add value to the conversation that is already taking place around you.
  4. You need to be active all the time and provide brilliant content on other forums and Social sites to post on topics related to your product. Again, don’t just push your content but add values to it by discussion that are already taking place.
  5. You must remember, with your landing page, the three areas you should be continuously focusing on are:
  • Driving users to your site
  • Shaving the conversion funnel
  • Increasing virality

A fundamentally important question app owners must ask themselves when beginning to market an iOS app is, what is my post install marketing strategy? The end user validation in the App store is more important. App marketing requires a multi-faceted approach that is co-ordinated and coherent. It is an activity that starts even before the real marketing for the app could start.