Best online Node.js courses for Node.js application development

There are various courses that help you build a full app with a REST API using just Node.js and MongoDB, Express.js, Angular as well as Iconic for mobile, that courses are really very good for Node.js application development.

Node.js application development

Best online course for Node.js application development

  1. There are some courses in Plural sight which you may find very useful for your work. Some other courses are in Microsoft Virtual Academy who provide you with projects code which are available on GitHub but they won’t walk you step by step because it is a jump start and they don’t have all the time to walk you through, but they give the real deal.
  2. If you are looking for a project based course that will in-build real-world Node.js web applications, you can try Workshops – Talentbuddy. You will find a RESTful API for an app similar to Twitter and learn with the help of videos, curated tutorials and mentors.
  3. There are two resources to cover the two different sides to learning Node:
  • Learn All the Nodes
  • Learn Your Node

These two covers the two sides of learning to code:

  1. Intuitive lectures
  2. Coding through challenges

It is better to use both techniques; Learning all the Nodes and Learn your node together but focus on the building that you do with learning your node.

  1. Courses for js application development can be categorized in different ways. They are:
  2. js for Beginners course, which makes you understand the foundation of the Node.js command line
  3. From Zero to Hero Node Program, this makes you learn enough Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js to deploy apps to cloud. It also helps you learn use Git for for deployment to Heroku.
  4. Learn Node.js by Example course, which help you explore what Node.js is, and when to use it.
  5. Introduction to Node.js Development course, which makes you learn to create a server using Node.
  6. JavaScript Server Technologies from Scratch Course, which preaches you to create robust and scalable web applications.
  7. Advanced Node.js Development course, which assist you the methods to improve functionality of web applications.
  8. js is a powerful tool for controlling web servers, building applications, and creating event-driven programming. You can learn all about Node.js and start creating JavaScript applications in this course. The course begins with Node’s circumstantial, perceptions and policies for writing asynchronous code. So after the course and training, you will be able to critic if the specific features of Node can benefit you in your projects. You will learn Node.js codes for Node.js application development from Beginner level to advanced level in this single progression.
  9. The coach may start preaching from the beginner level. He then examines Node’s module system, which also includes built-in modules, application modularization as well as the NPM third party module office. Next pace would be, using Node to write both client and server web applications, as well as real time integration with Socket.IO.

Developers can acquire a lot with the aid of videos, curated lectures and guides during the course period. These courses will help your projects to complete in the command line with inspires that are just open enough to have you exploring what to do but strong enough that you don’t give up. Follow the steps aforesaid and you will find a great Node.js developer in yourself.


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