ASP.Net Application Development: As a LAMP developer, how can one cope on being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server?

If you are a developer, you might be asked to do some of the significant work for a company on their web application. You can try to get ASP and MySQL skills up and develop using that. Or you can even try to get PHP and MySQL up and running on a Microsoft server. You don’t have to bother much about learning ASP. You must consider that rewriting their whole system in PHP would take a lot longer and be a lot harder than just learning ASP.

ASP.Net Application Development

Working on a Microsoft- IIS/6.0 server

  1. MSSQL is actually a fairly decent SQL server. It has some odd quirks and the management tools are universally point-and-drool GUIs. So if you are accustomed to being able to drop, do a command prompt to take care of some particularly gnarly problem, you will be disappointed.
  2. ASP (and not ASP.Net, the old stuff) is terrible. It makes PHP code written by 10 years olds look positively glowing in comparison. MySQL is excellent at data migration from MSSQL. They have a wizard that uses the JDBC libs and has quite a bit of smarts to migrate both structure and data off of MSSQL onto MySQL.
  3. You actually need to learn enough ASP to fix the required bugs with the understanding that if any significant new features started trickling down the pipe, it would be more cost-effective to do a partial rewrite of that segment.
  4. If you are going to transition to PHP, you are recommended to first convert the ASP app to use MySQL. This is actually pretty easy, just make a new ODBC connection, change the DFSN and see what breaks because queries use incompatible SQL. Then you can be free to re-implement things in PHP whenever you want because getting at the data is easy.
  5. Installing PHP in windows is easy. ASP is super simple to learn, but it is a dying language. Don’t spend a lot of time learning it if you can avoid it. Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that if they have a legit MS SQL license, they may have paid $ 10,000 for it. Sometimes people get a little touchy of you tell them to abandon an investment of that size.
  6. Many new features have emerged for ASP.Net Application Development compared to earlier versions of Visual studio. ASP.NET Identity, a new ASP.Net membership system works the same in all ASP.NET framewoks and woks with web hosting software other than IIS.
  7. Here is one thing in favor of starting from scratch. As an ASP newbie, you are limited in your ability to judge the quality of the existing codebase. As someone who has minimal experience with IIS, it was fairly straightforward to install PHP and MySQL by simply following their respective documentation.
  8. As a LAMP developer, to cope with being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server, you can become a MISP developer and short for M$, IIS, SQL and PHP.

Learning ASP is probably not the right way forward. If you can get them to accept running a mish-mash of ASP and PHP, you can get them to install PHP on their server. If not, you need to learn ASP.NET, which would be the easiest thing from the point of view of working with their existing code at least.


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