For Learning Node.Js, What Are The Best Resources That Can Be Used?

In general, you should write small programs that do one thing well. Stream data between processes, and read those streams using evented interfaces. That is the Node way. Understanding Node’s asynchronous nature is fundamental. Node just like other languages is great for certain things and not so great certain `things. There are various Node.js resources for learning and Node.js development.

Node.js development

Resources for learning Node.js

  1. An improved 2nd edition book over 1st edition circulated under title “Node Web Development” is the newest. It is printed assuming you are comfortable with programming, with unix and shell level work. It is also considered to make the users comfortable with some basics of web development that can be readily used for js development. It also takes you through installing Node, understanding a series of applications from trivial to somewhat useful, shows how to build simple REST service, handle user authentication, some unit testing techniques and even a real-time chat application.
  2. Once you are familiar with the Node Landscape, is just a great resource. There two good books available for reading- “Hands-on Node.js” & “The Node Beginner Book”, that you can find most useful for learning Node.js.
  3. One great resource is TJ Holowaychuk’sMastering Node, which is “open source eBook for Node.Js”- written with markdown outputs to various formats (pdf, epub, mobi, HTML, etc.)
  4. One of the best resources is You can install these, choose your own adventure style lessons and learn how to use Node.js, NPM and other associated tools by writing code to answer realistic problems. The instructions run in your terminal and work on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  5. If your goal is to understand how Node.js is useful in the context of creating a web application, you can check out Talentbuddy’s Full Stack Web Development mentorship program. The learning experience is engrossed on teaching the distinctive challenges of building real-time web applications with fast-growing technologies (including Node.js, Express.js, Ember.js, JavaScript and MongoDB).
  6. js has gained a lot of popularity among web developers although being a relatively new technology. It is essentially a server-side JavaScript environment that uses an asynchronous event driven model. It means it is an environment for writing scalable, high performance network applications.
  7. You can use handy tools to detailed tutorials, in-depth articles and resources on this promising technology to know the most useful resources for Node.js. Here are few of the useful Node.js Tools:
  • Node Express Boilerplate: It gives the developer a clean slate, while rushing enough useful features to eliminate all of those redundant tasks.
  • IO: It is a cross-browser Web socket that targets to make real-time apps promising in every browser and mobile devices, blurring the distinction between the various transport mechanisms.
  • Mastering Node: Using this, you can write high-concurrency web servers, high-level mobile web development and more.
  • Formaline: It is a low-level, full-featured module for handling form requests and for parsing uploaded files quickly.
  1. Stylus is an expressive CSS markup language for Node.js. The compiler is written in Node.js. Jade is a template engine for Node.js applications that combines great power and flexibility with a nice and clean syntax.

Despite being a little young, Node.js already has a huge number of libraries for every possible application. Node.js is constantly changing and growing with each new version. Node.js has gained a lot of popularity among web developers although being a relatively new technology.


Node.js is among the best application service provider but is it overrated?

Node.js is useful and of course it is always “right tool for the job”. It is a highly accessible language and directly relevant. Also it isn’t a very good language, but it is vaguely familiar. Programming has never been as easy to get into as it is now, and accessibility of JavaScript and utility of Node.js has definitely helped on that front. Node.js is hot right now because something has to be in fashion. The programming scene is every bit as fashion driven as anything else.

Node.js Application Development service

Is it overrated?

  1. The three most important things about Node.js that works together so well for many people are:
  • Non-blocking I/O. This is what it owes and also provides a high performance. Multi-threaded solutions exclusively opening a single thread for every solo concurrent user, and can really present some scalability issues as consumer usage grows.
  • It’s JavaScript on the backend. This may not seem like a big deal, but it basically means reduced complexity because that’s one less bit of expertise in your stack that developers have to reason about.
  • NPM, which is the largest module ecosystem in existence, and still growing. It is not only the package manager in existence, but it’s certainly got the largest and most energetic ecosystem, which upturns the likelihood that you will find whatever it is that you need for your project.
  1. If people celebrate Node.js for the above reasons, then they certainly are not “overrating” it. It deserves such praise. However, if somebody goes to oversell it by making it out to be flawless in every other way, then sure, that’s overrating it. But that is largely a matter of certain individuals, and not the technology in question. In and of itself, it’s one serious piece of work.
  2. js just turns for a large number of projects, and it positively stimulates the paradigm of asynchronous, event-based programming better than most other languages. It may be that some of the more simplistic prerogatives about Node.js presentation could be measured overrated, such as when Apache or Nginx with several modules enabled are equated in connections per second to a barebones Node.js server.
  3. Talking about Node.js single-threaded libev based programming model for a moment- it was shaped to solve definite problems in the web server problem space- namely, spinning up a separate thread for each client that needs to talk to the server is problematic as scale grows large.
  4. Determining if Node.js is overrated depends on two things:
  • Your expectations of Node.js
  • The capabilities of Node.js

So, does Node.js Application Development do more or less than what you think it can do? As long as you have proper expectations then it is neither overrated nor underrated. You can use Node.js Application Development service for what it’s good at and you will have a good experience. This holds true for any technology, but use the right tool for the right job.

Node.js is always fashionable in the market. It allows people to write not only server-side stuff, but to automate things. Yes there are some concerns when it comes to certain packages, but for most of the time, for 95% of what people need, it’s fast and gets the job done with just a few key strokes. It is like apt-get for web libraries.

Best online Node.js courses for Node.js application development

There are various courses that help you build a full app with a REST API using just Node.js and MongoDB, Express.js, Angular as well as Iconic for mobile, that courses are really very good for Node.js application development.

Node.js application development

Best online course for Node.js application development

  1. There are some courses in Plural sight which you may find very useful for your work. Some other courses are in Microsoft Virtual Academy who provide you with projects code which are available on GitHub but they won’t walk you step by step because it is a jump start and they don’t have all the time to walk you through, but they give the real deal.
  2. If you are looking for a project based course that will in-build real-world Node.js web applications, you can try Workshops – Talentbuddy. You will find a RESTful API for an app similar to Twitter and learn with the help of videos, curated tutorials and mentors.
  3. There are two resources to cover the two different sides to learning Node:
  • Learn All the Nodes
  • Learn Your Node

These two covers the two sides of learning to code:

  1. Intuitive lectures
  2. Coding through challenges

It is better to use both techniques; Learning all the Nodes and Learn your node together but focus on the building that you do with learning your node.

  1. Courses for js application development can be categorized in different ways. They are:
  2. js for Beginners course, which makes you understand the foundation of the Node.js command line
  3. From Zero to Hero Node Program, this makes you learn enough Node.js, MongoDB and Express.js to deploy apps to cloud. It also helps you learn use Git for for deployment to Heroku.
  4. Learn Node.js by Example course, which help you explore what Node.js is, and when to use it.
  5. Introduction to Node.js Development course, which makes you learn to create a server using Node.
  6. JavaScript Server Technologies from Scratch Course, which preaches you to create robust and scalable web applications.
  7. Advanced Node.js Development course, which assist you the methods to improve functionality of web applications.
  8. js is a powerful tool for controlling web servers, building applications, and creating event-driven programming. You can learn all about Node.js and start creating JavaScript applications in this course. The course begins with Node’s circumstantial, perceptions and policies for writing asynchronous code. So after the course and training, you will be able to critic if the specific features of Node can benefit you in your projects. You will learn Node.js codes for Node.js application development from Beginner level to advanced level in this single progression.
  9. The coach may start preaching from the beginner level. He then examines Node’s module system, which also includes built-in modules, application modularization as well as the NPM third party module office. Next pace would be, using Node to write both client and server web applications, as well as real time integration with Socket.IO.

Developers can acquire a lot with the aid of videos, curated lectures and guides during the course period. These courses will help your projects to complete in the command line with inspires that are just open enough to have you exploring what to do but strong enough that you don’t give up. Follow the steps aforesaid and you will find a great Node.js developer in yourself.

Asp.Net Application Development: Will work on a Debian Server?

 Many hosting companies have Debian as their server platform. ASP.Net works, but if it don’t work you must know any other alternate language as well. To install ASP.Net Web server (ASP.Net 2.0 and ASP.Net 1.0) in Debian, you must give the proper commands that works. This will install all the required Asp.Net Application Development environment and sample applications.

debian server

ASP.Net working on a Debian Server

  1. You can try learning perl or php instead. ASP.Net is quite nice, but the real benefits come in when using Visual Studio, which apparently you can’t install locally to try out. Perl and php are plain text files so you can just use notepad and upload them to your server to run. It may not be the most efficient way to go, but it will work.
  2. If you want to try ASP.Net at home, you can download the Express Edition for free. There are also plain C# and C++ editions. ASP.Net won’t run on Linux. You need a Window-based host.
  3. A quick look at their product offerings and knowledge base suggests that you will need to use one of their Windows hosting plans to use ASP.Net. In theory it can be run under linux using parts of the Mono Project. PHP / MySQL have the advantage of being available on just about any web host, and there is a lot of open source PHP software that you could learn by reading and extending.
  4. Some people will say that you’d be better off starting with Ruby on Rails, or Python + Django, but it doesn’t look like the web host you have chosen makes that easy. You have got the Linux hosting, so you should definitely start with php. Perl is not a good first language to learn.
  5. ASP and PHP share a lot of common ground, at least in terms of syntax. Depending on what you are trying to do, conversion should not be too hard. It is possible to run ASP.Net applications under Linux using Mono XSP.
  6. You can also try to figure out the most painless way to edit files directly on the webserver. Ideally, you can make a change to the PHP file, save it, and click reload in the web browser to see it. You might want to try to find a host that has SSH access. This would allow you to use putty to SSH to your web server and edit PHP filers directly.
  7. Even if your ASP.Net website only uses .NET libraries supported by Mono you are going to have a hard time getting it to run if it is anything beyond “Hello World”. You won’t have to rewrite much code but you will spend hours/ days / weeks dealing with little issues with mod_mono/xsp/apache configuration and file permissions and error handling and all the little things that go into a large website. The problem is that a lot of people don’t use Mono for ASP.Net websites and so there aren’t as many people reporting bugs; so a lot of things that are minor bugs go un-fixed for a long time.

You can use Mono to run ASP.Net applications on Apache/Linux, however it has as limited subset of what you can do under Windows. As for ‘they’ saying Windows is more vulnerable to attack- it’s not true. IIS has had less security problems over the last couple of years than Apache. Now a days .Net run in multiple platforms like Linux, Mac OS etc.

How to find free or cheap iOS design assistance?

For midcareer and technical professional who is learning to build an iOS app development process, it is very important to get hold of better hands for supplementing proper design assistance. Only the developers do not matter, but it also depends on the company who is monitoring the developer to provide app development or design assistance to the demanding clients.

iOS app development

Cheap iOS design assistance

  1. Many of the most interesting and worthwhile pieces of software have been developed for free and with no expectation of economic return, by established professional software developers. The basic difference there is that those developers with software development skills generally don’t have a hard time finding actual paying work. Designers are constantly being asked to do work for free. It is easy for developers to “give work away” because doing so hasn’t seriously impaired the market for paid work.
  2. Also, it is worth noting that many open source projects are those that developers themselves benefit from; they build stud and it makes them all better off. Designers, on the other hand, are generally asked to do free work that benefits a non-paying client and isn’t really helping anybody else.
  3. All of those prose comes down to this: The work you are asking a designer to do, for free, is not equivalent to the free work you associate with open-source software development, and you should proceed by offering fair payment for professional skills.
  4. It is really a struggle, as someone who develops apps for fun and isn’t an awesome designer is totally different from the one who do it seriously as a professional. There are two ways to handle this situation, you may follow one of them:
  • If you have the skill, you can do the design work yourself. It may not be as good as a professional designer can do, but if you can sit down with sketch and actually append time thinking through the design, you can actually improve it substantially from what you fused together when you were coding.
  • You may be have a bunch of friends or co-workers or an iOS app development company who is a great designer, and usually it is possible to find someone who will let you pay for a few hours of their time to get some advice and guidance.
  1. As someone who has built an iOS app development company and worked with clients can provide you more relevant design assistance than your fellow mates. Finding the right partner is more important than saving a few hundred dollars in building or learning the design of your app. The right partner can add value in more ways than just development, which will help you maximize revenues for your app business.
  2. For design assistance, you must choose someone who is interested in explaining you the smallest details focusing on the prime requirement prevailing in the current time. Apps have to go through many evolutions and cycles based on constant user feedback. Look for one who will stick with you through the lifecycle of product until you learn what you were wishing for.

Even the aspiring designers expect to be paid, even for projects that have no economic aim. Most of the interesting and worthwhile pieces of software have been developed for free and with no expectation of economic return, by established professional software developers.

What are the main security problems and solutions for a mobile app development company for enterprise mobile apps?

Mobile apps are impending to initiative, and not just as publicizing tools. As commercial starts considering for file allotment, association, efficiency, monetary or BI apps, there are more central safekeeping concerns that needs to be addressed. End point safety is the foundation of all concerns as enterprise applications mobilizes over period. Appropriate end point security moderates concerns around mislaid devices, malwares, uncaring workers, etc.

mobile app development companies

Key security concerns for enterprise mobile apps

  1. Apple has made some moves to improve their end point security and enterprise management position, which aids clarify their accomplishment in the enterprise with iPhones and iPads. There is still an elongated way to go however, and there are some great illustration videos on YouTube of how 6 minutes with a missing or filched iPhone in hand can lead to access to all passwords stowed in the device key chain.
  2. Microsoft’s focus with Windows Phone is completely on the consumer, and this is obvious with the platform initiation and not even associates all of the ActiveSync scheme policy conformations out of the box. Over time, Microsoft will get back to having righteous backup for the enterprise, but their devotion isn’t there right now. Exploits have previously been made handy to root Windows Phone 7 devices and no reaction or mitigation is yet delivered from Microsoft.
  3. Google has not completed enough with Android to have a comparable story to RIM and they likely will not be given the tradeoffs amongst user experience and security. Android is a consumer mobile platform.
  4. There are several solutions available with the mobile app development companies to mitigate risk due to highly portable, highly related devices. Security dealers are facing up with the “End Point Security” clarifications. This is a good thing.
  5. It is important to understand how mobility affects more than just confidentiality. And it is critical that the mobile app development company, the app developer, operator and data security design deliberations be factored into any innovative mobile technology. A start up building the “Minimum Viable Product” mobile application should ponder the safety of the application and perfect information system using tried and true methods.
  6. Security should be designed into the application, with the following major considerations:
  • Accessibility and perseverance in mobile computing: Are you building an app that allows a first responder to quickly ascertain a life threatening situation and do the proper procedure to save life?
  • Privacy and data sensitivity in mobile computing: How delicate is the data you are stowing, treating and conveying in your mobile information system?
  • Veracity and faith in mobile computing: If you put data into the mobile devices, how far can you hope that device to yield suitably processed data? Does battery power matter to mobile processors?

The solution to these problems is to state as clearly as possible about the potential risks to data, users, and the information system, detect the prevailing controls that lessen risk, and develop supplementary controls for the gaps you realize as you perform a risk assessment. Implementations of any additional controls or improvements must be validated throughout the development, and observing the effectiveness after a product promotion must provide clear indication of control efficiency.

Whether it is enterprise apps or consumer apps, mobile applications today face a lot of security issues. The mainstream of mobile applications- whether in the android, iOS or Windows Phone ecosystem- will not have elementary business adequate security protocols in place. Part of the issues with mobile app security is that employees download apps that access enterprise resources or accomplish business tasks, but the security of the apps is not satisfactory to safeguard against spasms or meet the security requirement set out by company policy.

ASP.Net Application Development: As a LAMP developer, how can one cope on being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server?

If you are a developer, you might be asked to do some of the significant work for a company on their web application. You can try to get ASP and MySQL skills up and develop using that. Or you can even try to get PHP and MySQL up and running on a Microsoft server. You don’t have to bother much about learning ASP. You must consider that rewriting their whole system in PHP would take a lot longer and be a lot harder than just learning ASP.

ASP.Net Application Development

Working on a Microsoft- IIS/6.0 server

  1. MSSQL is actually a fairly decent SQL server. It has some odd quirks and the management tools are universally point-and-drool GUIs. So if you are accustomed to being able to drop, do a command prompt to take care of some particularly gnarly problem, you will be disappointed.
  2. ASP (and not ASP.Net, the old stuff) is terrible. It makes PHP code written by 10 years olds look positively glowing in comparison. MySQL is excellent at data migration from MSSQL. They have a wizard that uses the JDBC libs and has quite a bit of smarts to migrate both structure and data off of MSSQL onto MySQL.
  3. You actually need to learn enough ASP to fix the required bugs with the understanding that if any significant new features started trickling down the pipe, it would be more cost-effective to do a partial rewrite of that segment.
  4. If you are going to transition to PHP, you are recommended to first convert the ASP app to use MySQL. This is actually pretty easy, just make a new ODBC connection, change the DFSN and see what breaks because queries use incompatible SQL. Then you can be free to re-implement things in PHP whenever you want because getting at the data is easy.
  5. Installing PHP in windows is easy. ASP is super simple to learn, but it is a dying language. Don’t spend a lot of time learning it if you can avoid it. Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that if they have a legit MS SQL license, they may have paid $ 10,000 for it. Sometimes people get a little touchy of you tell them to abandon an investment of that size.
  6. Many new features have emerged for ASP.Net Application Development compared to earlier versions of Visual studio. ASP.NET Identity, a new ASP.Net membership system works the same in all ASP.NET framewoks and woks with web hosting software other than IIS.
  7. Here is one thing in favor of starting from scratch. As an ASP newbie, you are limited in your ability to judge the quality of the existing codebase. As someone who has minimal experience with IIS, it was fairly straightforward to install PHP and MySQL by simply following their respective documentation.
  8. As a LAMP developer, to cope with being asked to work on a Microsoft-IIS/6.0 server, you can become a MISP developer and short for M$, IIS, SQL and PHP.

Learning ASP is probably not the right way forward. If you can get them to accept running a mish-mash of ASP and PHP, you can get them to install PHP on their server. If not, you need to learn ASP.NET, which would be the easiest thing from the point of view of working with their existing code at least.