Is Windows Azure a decent decision for facilitating a gathering with enormous movement?

Window azure is a cloud computing platform which is created by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing services and applications. Windows Azure Application Development Services runs on the global network under Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partners group. One must go through Windows Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud platform and know all the service that Window Azure provides. One must also learn the different approaches to Cloud programming.

Windows Azure Application Development Services

 These points must be considered to get an answer to the question:

1. Window Azure do not support Sessions out of the box. As concerned for hosting a forum type software, we know that forum software of any type needs Session. But still, it may work fine with azure.

2. One can easily add Session state provider to use the App fabric cache or Azure table storage. The App Fabric cache may perform better, but it is still in a CTP release.

3. It’s not difficult to host a site on azure. Visual studio has a good support to deploy a site to azure and a well structured Custom azure application development. Once the user get habited to deal with the site, he may switch to think about storages, worker and role.

4. Bob Muglia, the president , server and tools at Microsoft sum up the combined benefits of Window Azure and stated –

“NCBI BLAST on Windows Azure shows how the platform provides the genuine Platform-as-a-Service capabilities that technical computing applications need in order to extract insights from massive data and help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges across science, business and government.”

5. The NCBI BLAST on window Azure software is available free of cost from Microsoft and the Window resources are available too.

6. As concerned with the price, the minimum pricing with azure + Azure SQL is $88/ month for the web role and for 1GB database, the cost may be $10/month. The price level seems quite expensive as compared to the normal shared hosting which may cost just $20/ month.

7. If you are too curious for the platform, you may go straight with the Azure and deploy the Forum site on it.

But if you are more concerned with the prices, then shared hosting could serve a better option.

We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you with any type of queries related to Window azure and hosting a Forum type sites for 500 users per day. For any assistance related with Azure hosting or Microsoft Azure Application Development Services, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.


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