Why to choose Node.js for web applications?

The non-blocking I/O operations are a very strong feature of Node.js if a “real time” experience is required since it allows it to handle a large number of long lived connections to the server. Certainly frameworks like Async.js and CoffeeScript can make your Node.js code much more concise if verbosity is a concern. You can find Node.js as a simpler framework to produce a web interface that can deliver an experience that is much more interactive with the user. Node.js developers are regular in web servers and app development which makes it more trusted to choose Node.js for web applications.

Why to choose Nodejs for web applicationsChoosing Node.js

1. Node.js executes all I/O operations asynchronously. This means that it would not make your program wait for the completion of an I/O operation, like accessing a file, a database, a network connection etc.

2. A single thread can manage the execution of multiple panel I/O task, thus making a more efficient use of a cPU and memory resources. This makes it ideal for handling the requests of many simultaneous users on a single machine.

3. Here are the list of features which makes Node.js as goto technology:

• It wins the speed
• It has efficient tooling with NPM
• It also wins the data streaming
• Real time web applications area walk in the park with Node.js

4. It is also suitable to be a game server, it can provide data read and transfer with thousands of users simultaneously. But in enterprise application development, choosing Node.js is not a wise action because Java is more mature in this domain.

5. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. It is perfect for data-intensive real time applications that run across distributed devices. It has the power of dynamic server compatibility, cross platform compatibility and has I/O data driven technology.

6. If you ever want to have an application with real life experiences, it’s time to encourage yourself with that superb feeling because making use of Node.js you can actually transform your ideas into real-life experiences (means an application).

The Node.js single thread event-loop environment was not this only one of its kind but it made this paradigm accessible on the server to a huge community of developers with a very easy way to share contributions. Node handles I/O with an excellent manner and also it is suitable for applications that requires a lot of connections such as online games, chats etc.

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