Where should one host Ruby on Rails app?

If you are looking for the best of both worlds i.e. ease of deployment like on Heroku and effectively scalability / price competitiveness as with AWS, you may refer Ninefold for this. Ruby on Rails Development Services are agile and provides a number of platform where one can host an app easily.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Hosting Ruby on Rails app

  1. DigitalOcean is exactly what you need. It usually starts with a cost of $ 5 per month. It is really affordable, comes with great documentation and has full control over the instance compared to heroku. It is a developer leaning cloud VPS provider at regular shared hosting charges.
  2. A2 Hosting is just another hosting service. It is a cutting edge provider with Ruby on Rails on their Shared hosting and VPS plans.
  3. Site 5 is a shared and cloud VPS provider who has 20 datacenters round the sphere and Ruby on Rails on their shared hosting and VPS plans.
  4. Liquidweb is a premium priced / premium service provider with Ruby on Rails support on their VPS and Dedicated plans.
  5. HostGator is a huge shared hosting provider with Ruby on Rails support on all their shared plans.
  6. Heroku and EC2 are both upright selections. Heroku is very virtuous at extracting many specifics on setting up your server. However, this comes at the cost of a complex monthly fee for paid facilities, limited plugins, limited plugin versions, and no static storage. You may develop your app requiring a certain version of a plugin, and Heroku may not support it.
  7. EC2 is a nice option, but you will have to set things up yourself. But, this is just purchasing time on a server using your own VM, so it is like taking a remote computer to SSH into and control. It must also be noticed that Heroku itself is built on top EC2. So, if you are just beginning with rails apps, Heroku is best for you. If you are a bit more advanced, you can consider and compare both EC2 and Heroku, and select that most satisfies you.
  8. Heroku is excellent for your needs and is one of the easiest hosting platforms you can ever work with. Sure, it’s a little work to get used to the read-only file system, but there are impractical amounts of resources on how to do that, many of them in the form of nicely pre-packaged gems.

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You have so many places to host your Ruby on Rails apps. EC2, Digital Ocean and Heroku are best recommended for use. You can also go with other services like Site 5, Liquidweb, HostGator and many more. It would actually depend on what services you want to use. If you are a fresher, you must go with Heroku. If you have knowledge, go accordingly that suite your best to your skill. Hosting an app is not a difficult task, but to host in accordance is a task of choice and is an indication of healthy development skills.


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