What is the difference between Ruby & Ruby and Rails (web framework)?

Ruby is a language and Rails is a framework written in Ruby (the language). You may think Ruby as the programming language for a website such as a wordpress blog. So, think of Rails as the Plugins you put into the wordpress site. A true and appropriate statement would be, Ruby on Rails Development Services.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

  1. Many new programmers are still unsure about the difference between Ruby & Ruby on Rails. Ruby is just a language. Ruby on Rails is a framework that uses and depends on the Ruby programming language. You may think of a framework as a group of pre-written code to support programmers. In this case, the Rails framework is a group of pre-written code to help programmers make websites and web applications.
  2. If you are still confused, consider the example of making a sandwich. You simply add a slice of meat, cheese, and lettuce to two slices of bread. But where did the bread come from? It is easier to get pre-sliced bread from the grocery store instead of baking your own bread using flour and water. Comparing to this, the Ruby programming language is flour and water & Pre-sliced bread is the Ruby on Rails framework.
  3. You could write something just using some ruby as Ruby is a language. Rails framework will give you a way of organizing your code and provides an easy way of adding lots of additional functionality.
  4. While Ruby is a Ruby language, Rails is am application development framework, with a focus on web Application Development. Rails uses the MVC configuration, which delimits areas of obligation in the application as follows:
  • M – Model
  • V – View
  • C – Controller
  1. The disciplines involved in creating the UI (User Interface) are significantly dissimilar from that involved in Data Modeling, which again differ from coding the Business Logic. By separating those simply using the MVC patterns means that different people, with different basic skills can work on each range without inevitably dependent on each other.
  2. Ruby is a good general purpose programming language, because it is easy to learn and read, and has some very powerful features. With Ruby, you can write all sorts of programs, from desktop applications to command line scripts for automating actions on a computer. Rails is a set of tools and abstractions that makes writing web applications easier and helps make them simpler to maintain.

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A web application is a precise type of program that runs on a remote computer. It is an application that receives requests over http, generally from users on web browsers, and replies with HTML or another data format. So basically, Ruby is a language and Rails is a web application framework. Ruby on Rails Development Services is one of the largest employed services for programming and web development. Ruby can help you in writing, while Rails can help you arrange the codes. Together, Ruby on rails is the strongest web application framework.


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