Is there any benefit of using Microsoft Azure over Amazon Web Services?

It actually depends on the situation and work requirement that promotes the use of Azure over AWS. Both of them are equally likable for different reasons. Though they are both are cloud providers, they represent two different philosophies. This is evident right from the instance types and console design to the kind of products they both offer.

Azure Application Development Services

It would actually depend on the scenario and workload, a right sizing of the capabilities you want to implement would be useful as well. Azure integrates very well and seamless with the enterprise infrastructure since most of them run Microsoft in the foundation layers: Identity, Messaging, Database and Development. Azure Application Development Services has provided a number of essential features and work environment for powerful boost.

When it is recommended to use Azure?
  1. If you are an enterprise which is just adopting the cloud and you can’t afford to move your entire infrastructure to cloud and if you prefer a hybrid model then you must go with Azure.
  2. If you are primarily a windows shop and more than 70% of your databases are Microsoft SQL Server, then features like backing up a database to a URL directly using old TSQL commands will feel magical to you.
  3. If you are a one man company who just wants to build that website quickly and you don’t want to deal with the overhead of managing infra then you are advisable to use Azure PaaS services.
  4. If you are concerned about Oracle and SAP being ‘Certified’ on a platform, then Azure is a good way.
  5. You can build a Blinkbox kind of service with relatively less effort by using Azure.

When it is recommended to use AWS?

  1. If you need a better control at the network level on our private cloud, you must look for AWS service. Amazon’s VPC beats Azure’s Vnet hands down at the moment.
  2. If you are longing for a top notch IaaS Service which is solid and things like a random server reboot do not fall under “it-may-happen” scenario then you must go with AWS server which is snappier than comparable Azure servers.
  3. If your company depends heavily on automation then you must use AWS. Poweshell automation that Azure provides is as powerful as it can be get but AWS has a lot more options.
  4. If you are search for more flexibility in choosing an instance type, AWS is for you.

It always depends on the company’s requirement. Right now in cloud providers major players are AWS and Azure, so do select you choice in a more specific way. For any queries related to Azure development, get in touch with our service panel support at


Is Windows Azure a decent decision for facilitating a gathering with enormous movement?

Window azure is a cloud computing platform which is created by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing services and applications. Windows Azure Application Development Services runs on the global network under Microsoft-managed and Microsoft partners group. One must go through Windows Azure: Microsoft’s Cloud platform and know all the service that Window Azure provides. One must also learn the different approaches to Cloud programming.

Windows Azure Application Development Services

 These points must be considered to get an answer to the question:

1. Window Azure do not support Sessions out of the box. As concerned for hosting a forum type software, we know that forum software of any type needs Session. But still, it may work fine with azure.

2. One can easily add Session state provider to use the App fabric cache or Azure table storage. The App Fabric cache may perform better, but it is still in a CTP release.

3. It’s not difficult to host a site on azure. Visual studio has a good support to deploy a site to azure and a well structured Custom azure application development. Once the user get habited to deal with the site, he may switch to think about storages, worker and role.

4. Bob Muglia, the president , server and tools at Microsoft sum up the combined benefits of Window Azure and stated –

“NCBI BLAST on Windows Azure shows how the platform provides the genuine Platform-as-a-Service capabilities that technical computing applications need in order to extract insights from massive data and help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges across science, business and government.”

5. The NCBI BLAST on window Azure software is available free of cost from Microsoft and the Window resources are available too.

6. As concerned with the price, the minimum pricing with azure + Azure SQL is $88/ month for the web role and for 1GB database, the cost may be $10/month. The price level seems quite expensive as compared to the normal shared hosting which may cost just $20/ month.

7. If you are too curious for the platform, you may go straight with the Azure and deploy the Forum site on it.

But if you are more concerned with the prices, then shared hosting could serve a better option.

We, at Laitkor are dedicated towards assisting you with any type of queries related to Window azure and hosting a Forum type sites for 500 users per day. For any assistance related with Azure hosting or Microsoft Azure Application Development Services, feel free to get in touch with our expert panel at helpdesk.

What amount does it expense to make an iOS or Android application?

You can know the points of interest by scanning the postings on jobboards that may help you have a harsh understanding what you can get for your financial plan. There are various android app development companies and client created registries of 2500+ portable engineers, with a greater part concentrating on iPhone plan/advancement.

android app development companies

Here is the list of costing

  1. For developing an app
  • Simple app – $2,000 – $15,500: You need to provide all the contents, clear direction and example apps of what you want it to do. The additional costs are when you want more features like Social media integration, GPS or bells and whistles like that.
  • Database App(native)- $5,000 and above: As it is stated above, dynamic data drive apps are expensive compared to simple apps. All you have to do is to provide an idea and your projects will be assigned with managers, Architects, business analysts, QA and other design team members.
  • Games- $5,000 and above: It is very hard to estimate and it’s all based on complexity of your game requirement. Since games are downloaded in much greater number, it clearly returns more ROI.
  1. The costs of iPad apps are currently slightly higher as they require even more finishing work on the UI. iPhone is the easiest platform to develop for to start with. Developing good looking Android apps is considerably more difficult than iPhone apps. With normal coding standards there is very little synergy between Android and iPhone development and few developers that can develop for both in a proficient manner.
  2. According to level of Mobile App:

1st – Basic level of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $1k-$4k)

2nd –Moderated Complex Level of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $5k-$10k)

3rd –Complex Type of Mobile App: (cost to develop App: $10k-$50k)

Android app development companies have provided a number of essential features within estimated costs. For any queries related to iOS or Android apps development, feel free to contact Laitkor.

Why to choose Node.js for web applications?

The non-blocking I/O operations are a very strong feature of Node.js if a “real time” experience is required since it allows it to handle a large number of long lived connections to the server. Certainly frameworks like Async.js and CoffeeScript can make your Node.js code much more concise if verbosity is a concern. You can find Node.js as a simpler framework to produce a web interface that can deliver an experience that is much more interactive with the user. Node.js developers are regular in web servers and app development which makes it more trusted to choose Node.js for web applications.

Why to choose Nodejs for web applicationsChoosing Node.js

1. Node.js executes all I/O operations asynchronously. This means that it would not make your program wait for the completion of an I/O operation, like accessing a file, a database, a network connection etc.

2. A single thread can manage the execution of multiple panel I/O task, thus making a more efficient use of a cPU and memory resources. This makes it ideal for handling the requests of many simultaneous users on a single machine.

3. Here are the list of features which makes Node.js as goto technology:

• It wins the speed
• It has efficient tooling with NPM
• It also wins the data streaming
• Real time web applications area walk in the park with Node.js

4. It is also suitable to be a game server, it can provide data read and transfer with thousands of users simultaneously. But in enterprise application development, choosing Node.js is not a wise action because Java is more mature in this domain.

5. Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. It is perfect for data-intensive real time applications that run across distributed devices. It has the power of dynamic server compatibility, cross platform compatibility and has I/O data driven technology.

6. If you ever want to have an application with real life experiences, it’s time to encourage yourself with that superb feeling because making use of Node.js you can actually transform your ideas into real-life experiences (means an application).

The Node.js single thread event-loop environment was not this only one of its kind but it made this paradigm accessible on the server to a huge community of developers with a very easy way to share contributions. Node handles I/O with an excellent manner and also it is suitable for applications that requires a lot of connections such as online games, chats etc.

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Where should one host Ruby on Rails app?

If you are looking for the best of both worlds i.e. ease of deployment like on Heroku and effectively scalability / price competitiveness as with AWS, you may refer Ninefold for this. Ruby on Rails Development Services are agile and provides a number of platform where one can host an app easily.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Hosting Ruby on Rails app

  1. DigitalOcean is exactly what you need. It usually starts with a cost of $ 5 per month. It is really affordable, comes with great documentation and has full control over the instance compared to heroku. It is a developer leaning cloud VPS provider at regular shared hosting charges.
  2. A2 Hosting is just another hosting service. It is a cutting edge provider with Ruby on Rails on their Shared hosting and VPS plans.
  3. Site 5 is a shared and cloud VPS provider who has 20 datacenters round the sphere and Ruby on Rails on their shared hosting and VPS plans.
  4. Liquidweb is a premium priced / premium service provider with Ruby on Rails support on their VPS and Dedicated plans.
  5. HostGator is a huge shared hosting provider with Ruby on Rails support on all their shared plans.
  6. Heroku and EC2 are both upright selections. Heroku is very virtuous at extracting many specifics on setting up your server. However, this comes at the cost of a complex monthly fee for paid facilities, limited plugins, limited plugin versions, and no static storage. You may develop your app requiring a certain version of a plugin, and Heroku may not support it.
  7. EC2 is a nice option, but you will have to set things up yourself. But, this is just purchasing time on a server using your own VM, so it is like taking a remote computer to SSH into and control. It must also be noticed that Heroku itself is built on top EC2. So, if you are just beginning with rails apps, Heroku is best for you. If you are a bit more advanced, you can consider and compare both EC2 and Heroku, and select that most satisfies you.
  8. Heroku is excellent for your needs and is one of the easiest hosting platforms you can ever work with. Sure, it’s a little work to get used to the read-only file system, but there are impractical amounts of resources on how to do that, many of them in the form of nicely pre-packaged gems.

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You have so many places to host your Ruby on Rails apps. EC2, Digital Ocean and Heroku are best recommended for use. You can also go with other services like Site 5, Liquidweb, HostGator and many more. It would actually depend on what services you want to use. If you are a fresher, you must go with Heroku. If you have knowledge, go accordingly that suite your best to your skill. Hosting an app is not a difficult task, but to host in accordance is a task of choice and is an indication of healthy development skills.

What is the difference between Ruby & Ruby and Rails (web framework)?

Ruby is a language and Rails is a framework written in Ruby (the language). You may think Ruby as the programming language for a website such as a wordpress blog. So, think of Rails as the Plugins you put into the wordpress site. A true and appropriate statement would be, Ruby on Rails Development Services.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

Ruby & Ruby on Rails

  1. Many new programmers are still unsure about the difference between Ruby & Ruby on Rails. Ruby is just a language. Ruby on Rails is a framework that uses and depends on the Ruby programming language. You may think of a framework as a group of pre-written code to support programmers. In this case, the Rails framework is a group of pre-written code to help programmers make websites and web applications.
  2. If you are still confused, consider the example of making a sandwich. You simply add a slice of meat, cheese, and lettuce to two slices of bread. But where did the bread come from? It is easier to get pre-sliced bread from the grocery store instead of baking your own bread using flour and water. Comparing to this, the Ruby programming language is flour and water & Pre-sliced bread is the Ruby on Rails framework.
  3. You could write something just using some ruby as Ruby is a language. Rails framework will give you a way of organizing your code and provides an easy way of adding lots of additional functionality.
  4. While Ruby is a Ruby language, Rails is am application development framework, with a focus on web Application Development. Rails uses the MVC configuration, which delimits areas of obligation in the application as follows:
  • M – Model
  • V – View
  • C – Controller
  1. The disciplines involved in creating the UI (User Interface) are significantly dissimilar from that involved in Data Modeling, which again differ from coding the Business Logic. By separating those simply using the MVC patterns means that different people, with different basic skills can work on each range without inevitably dependent on each other.
  2. Ruby is a good general purpose programming language, because it is easy to learn and read, and has some very powerful features. With Ruby, you can write all sorts of programs, from desktop applications to command line scripts for automating actions on a computer. Rails is a set of tools and abstractions that makes writing web applications easier and helps make them simpler to maintain.

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A web application is a precise type of program that runs on a remote computer. It is an application that receives requests over http, generally from users on web browsers, and replies with HTML or another data format. So basically, Ruby is a language and Rails is a web application framework. Ruby on Rails Development Services is one of the largest employed services for programming and web development. Ruby can help you in writing, while Rails can help you arrange the codes. Together, Ruby on rails is the strongest web application framework.

Awesome Tricks Most People Don’t Know About PHP

PHP involves a series of cool tricks to be practiced. Though the concepts are nothing new yet are easily missed by many. A deeply nested object could be converted to a deeply nested associative array by using it as a substitute on the behaviour of the JSON encode/decode functions.

php development services

There are number of tricky trials available in PHP which could make not only the happenings of the event more easy but at the same time it helps in maintaining accuracy.

You can specifically check the accuracy and the fallacy of the project dealt in with. The best part in PHP is that it uses ‘==’ internally almost every time (see ‘in_array’ and ‘switch’ statements below). A trick worth knowing!

1.    $foo = 0
 2.    switch ($foo) {
 3.     case ‘infinity’ :
 4.       eco  ‘lol php’ ;
 5.       break ;
 6.     Default:
 7.       eco ‘php’ is great ;
 8.    }

Guess the output

A number of websites are available for documenting these kind of tricks, only thing you need to do is to google anything like “lol php”. Meanwhile, ‘tricks’, will not be going to benefit you in any ways present in any language. But for it will only annoy people reading or working around you and put them to sufferings.

Apart from these negative elements, long time ago there where some tricks which were actually bind to be good, by some developers having crazy hardware constraints but it was way long ago. Minimize for code readability and in the case of PHP Development Services USA avoid subtle bugs like the ones above and everything related to it will be altogether right.

You should be careful while using ‘get_class()’, or you might end up with results beyond expectation. It has gone to be mostly kind and funny as at the time of need, it is well documented along with everything. Thus it becomes easy to ‘create function()’ and programming on it. These tricks might be unpleasant for the people working on same codebase.

Though you might be knowing a number of PHP tricks, it won’t make you a better developer, since in reality having the knowledge of such tricks would not help you in the improvement or quality of your software. Instead it could also be taken as an opportunity by using it for the decoration of $foo with default values and to replace missing array properties with null arrays. PHP introduces with various amazing string functions, like if you wanted to check the

Accuracy in spellings of common words:

Levenshtein – Manual

Find words sounding in the same way:

Soundex – Manual

Check if the text is similar:

Similar_text – Manual

Another cool part is that you can collapse your pieces of code without putting a break in it. You can individually validate Email Address before doing any effort work. It is featured by a built in function called checkdnsrr() which will specify an email address and check if it resolves as an IP address. This would be a cool act which save your much time, efforts, server resources and just making things very clear and precise, where you could actually able to see the domain and the coexistence of your email address. Rather you can also Switch Off Error Reporting.

When you move into production on your website, you must kill the error reporting. You need not to put all those warning and errors out from there for all mankind to see. Simply set error reporting(0); and rest of all in the world would be absolutely alright.

You should comment your code. If you are not doing so, no one is going to take you seriously as a developer until you act in the same way and must validate all inputs and outputs as this part should be mandatory.

For any queries and doubts regarding the above mentioned tips and tricks, feel free to get in touch with the ready to help support team at Laitkor.

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