What is the best Python Web Framework that runs on Google App engine and on dedicated servers?

There are number of Python web frameworks available for python development Services. Before selecting any one of them, you should check how well the framework is supporting and assisting with the change, the data model and evolving the underlying database schema. Time may come when an extension will force you to make changes to your data schema and perform migration.

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Web framework that runs on Google Appengine and on dedicated servers

  1. Pyramid is just awesome to use. It is an easy-to-use MVC framework that does not impose any specific ORM or a templating engine. You are very much free to use what works best for you. Pyramid has a set of functions for using it with Google App Engine.
  2. Web2py is considered the best python framework and it is too easy to get going on App Engine out of the box, and will also be completely portable to other platforms with minimal to no changes. It is a well-integrated full-stack framework that is very easy to learn and use.
  3. Many users opt for Tornado. It is because of its light weight and fast performance, especially on cold start, which is an app engine issue for low-traffic apps. It is even faster than webapp because webapp loads the Django templating system. For your dedicated server you can move on to stock which is “non-relational” for GAE as well as MongoDB. You can actually share 95% of the code.
  4. By using AppScale, you can use whichever framework you love in GAE and have it port over to dedicated servers without modifications to your application.
  5. The main problem is that, the data store offered by GAE is not the same but is quite unlike from even other NoSQL favors. It actually may not make the best way to port such apps out of the GAE if an app is designed for GAE.
  6. For Django and webpy, they actually offer SQL structure to allow accessing of the data store. However when talking in terms of completeness, web2py “data abstraction layer” support not only GAE’s data store, but also other NoSQL databases, which could be the expectation for forking out of the data store.

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There are list of web framework that run on Google App Engine and on dedicated server mentioned above. Each of them has their own features and importance that makes users select them for any specific purpose. Web2py and Django are more widely in use when compared to any other web framework.


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