As A Developer, What Criteria Will Make You Choose AWS Activate, Microsoft Azure And Salesforce 1?

Every cloud is good at a specific set of activities, so you cannot expect all features to be performed by a single service. Azure development envelops a handful number of criteria for its users to ensure the facts before starting the development.

Azure development

The criteria

  1. You have to consider security at the top level criteria to ensure your server and system being safe. With lack of security, one cannot manage the development and deployment of apps. The developers are therefore the care taker to make their products secure, easy and more reliable.
  2. Next is the performance, which should be regular checked and managed. Growth of any service or apps depends on the work performance that it is giving. It should give the quality of performance as it is expected to deliver. This builds up the market.
  3. You have to consider cost also because use of any platform involves the value in terms of quality and cost. So, there should be a balance relation between Quality and Cost so that a large number of users can afford them. They should also have the ease of access. All of these are critical in considering which cloud provider is leverage.
  4. You also need to consider some of the following questions:
  • What is the customer background?
  • What is the IT direction the company is going towards?
  • What is the customer vision about the Cloud?
  • How much Microsoft investment they have on premise?
  1. Everyone knows their own skillset. So consider your skill set up to and how you are going to handle the cloud. The client’s existing infrastructure should also be taken into account. Or you can consider whichever of the two makes the most sense.
  1. You should wisely consider Availability and Cost criteria. Existing infrastructure VS associated development cost is to be considered for proper development within the approximate range of cost criteria. Also check, if it has possibility of Lock – in

You have to carefully consider security, cost and performance and finally ease of access. All of these are critical in considering which cloud provider is leverage. All of them are extremely variable and have to be considered from a number of different ways. The better answer for this is ultimately what did you test and which one worked better in your tests.


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