Where Can You Find A Good Outsourced Ruby On Rails (ROR) Developer For A Startup?

It is very indefinite to say a perfect place where you can get ROR developer. Our team at Laitkor provides an efficient developer to outsource mobile and web application for many years. The engineer startups from ground level for Ruby on Rails development, iOS development, Android development and UI / UX design. The Ruby on Rails (RoR) development services provide an immense security and work platform for Ruby on Rails development.

ruby on rails(ROR)

Finding a good outsourced Ruby on Rails developer for a startup

  1. The clients are usually more concerned with some of the following queries:
  • Does the offshore team have the necessary experienced and expertise?
  • Does the offshore team use the right collaboration (communication and project management tools)?
  1. To the first concern above, you can look at the team’s portfolio and skill matrix. It gives you an idea what type projects the team is experienced in and and whether they will be able to handle your project.
  2. Laitkor has completed many projects among which Ruby on rails dominate. There are some expertise requirements that clients often ask for. You have to care if the outsourced team has that expertise of which the list includes skill in the most updated version of Ruby and Rails, Postgre, Heroku / Amazon AWS, JSON and REST APIs etc.
  3. For outsourced projects, communication is very important. Clients often ask what type of collaboration tools the company use. When choosing a development firm, you should check if they are using the right communication tools.
  4. As a startup you need to do more with the less. You need to do a lot of high quality works with extreme speed but with limited budget. A common risk a startup faces to develop an MVP but when it wants to enhance the product, in many cases, the developers are no longer available. For this reason, it is always recommended to hire a team instead of individual developers.

We will help you define your MVP, prioritize and develop the features of you app, so you can focus on your business goals. We get your personal development team to work on your startup idea and features, with daily stand-up meetings. By working with our team, you can gain multiple advantages in the field of skill and experience, long term commitment, more ease of scalability and better retention of project knowledge. For any other queries related to ROR, feel free to consult our expert team panel at Laitkor.com helpdesk.


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