What Is The Difference Between A Sharepoint Developer And A .Net Developer?

The major difference between them is SharePoint is a customizable application whereas .Net is a programming platform. The question of difference is like the difference between Toronto transit commuter and a world traveller. In short, one is narrowly defined while the other has a very broad scope. The .Net Application Development is the caretaker of .Net developer and security.

.Net Application Development

The difference:

  1. There are a number of developers for any particular apps or framework, but a best SharePoint Developer is a .Net Developer who understands the SharePoint functionality and can use out-of-the-box to avoid development for one-off tasks, what third party tools can be offered to reduce in-house development effort and speed up the delivery to users.
  2. Sharepoint is built on top of ASP.NET. So, sharepoint developer should have basic ADSP.NET knowledge and on top of that should be familiar with SharePoint Architecture, SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint Workflow, Developing custom webparts, customizing Sharepoints site and SharePoint Services Applications etc.
  3. SharePoint is just an application but ASP.Net is the language. SharePoint can be effectively complicated and is used by many large companies.
  4. .Net is a framework while SharePoint is an outline toolkit provided by Microsoft.

The difference between SharePoint developer and a .Net developer is discussed above. For any other related queries, get in touch with our expert panel member at laitkor.com helpdesk.


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